Accounts and Passwords

The following aspects of Chorus may require passwords and/or PINs (numeric passwords)

  Application/Task Authentication
Chorus Web Portal Sign in using your normal University Single Sign On (SSO)
Changing Phone Settings Phones come with a default PIN of 123456
OpenScape Desktop Client Before using the Desktop Client you will first need to register your Chorus account (same account as mobile client)
OSMO Mobile Phone Client Before using the Mobile Client you will first need to register your Chorus account (same account as desktop client)
Voicemail PIN (from phone) You will need to set a Chorus voicemail PIN in order to change your greeting or to access voicemail using the phone
  Conference PIN When creating a conference, you may set a conference PIN
  Web Collaboration session PIN When creating a web collaboration session you may set a collaboration PIN


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 30 March 2017