Tinbergen End User FAQs


I have been relocated to another building – what do I need to do to access telephony?

You will need to have your own Chorus telephone number; either an existing number or, if you don’t already have one, a new number. These numbers can then be configured to follow you to your new location.


I had a phone in Tinbergen – how will people reach me now?

Your previous extension number will be provisioned in Chorus, and you will be able to redirect that number to any other device via the portal at https://web.chorus.ox.ac.uk  Please note that any call management facilities (e.g. redirect, pick up groups etc.) that you had set up on your previous number will not carry over into Chorus and will need to be reconfigured – email the Chorus service team for assistance at Chorus@it.ox.ac.uk


I didn’t have my own phone in Tinbergen, but I need access to a phone in my new location

Your DA will provide you with a new Chorus telephone number. 


I had access to a shared single telephone line/number – what happens now?

Please contact the Chorus Business Change team to discuss the best option, as there are several possible solutions to this issue, including:

·         Redirect the original number to a new location e.g. lab

·         Redirect the original number to an Office Manager or Receptionist, who could then forward the call to the correct person

·         Allocate the shared number to a hunt group – when the shared number is called, all phones in that hunt group will ring

·         Allocate shared number to a specific person in the group, who could then forward the call to the correct person.


I now have a Chorus number allocated – what next?

When your new number is ready to use, login to the web portal at https://web.chorus.ox.ac.uk

In the web portal, set up a Preferred Device to redirect the new number to another device – see guidance notes at http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/chorus/preferred_devices


What handset comes with this?

Initially, no handset will be provided unless needed and requested. Any existing handsets available in the new location should be used.


 The new location already has a working line – do I need to do anything?

Yes – if you didn’t previously have your own phone see "I didn’t have my own phone in Tinbergen, but I need access to a phone in my new location" or  "I now have a Chorus number allocated – what next?" 

If you had your own phone previously, you should redirect it via the portal URL 


I currently have two lines – one in my department and the other in college. What happens to these lines?  

Until both the college and department are migrated, nothing will happen to these lines.  Once both have been migrated, the one in your department will probably become your main numbe, with full unified communication (UC) functionality. The one in college could be designated as a non-person line, which could have voicemail added if required.






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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 9 March 2017