Tinbergen FAQs for Admin Staff

My staff have been relocated to another building – what do I need to do to provide telephone access?

Each member of staff will need to have their own telephone number; either an existing number or, if they don’t already have one, a new number. These numbers can then be configured to follow the individual to their new location.

You will be sent a link to Phone Manager and will need to validate the existing telephone numbers for your staff.  The link below provides instructions: http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/chorus/phoneman


I have staff that had access to a shared single telephone line/number – what happens to them?

There are several possible solutions to this issue, including:

·         Redirect the original number to a new location e.g. lab

·         Redirect the original number to an administrator, who could then forward the call to the correct person

·         Allocate the shared number to a hunt group – when the shared number is called, all phones in that hunt group will ring

·         Allocate shared number to a specific person in the group, who could then forward the call to the correct person

We would suggest that you contact the Chorus Business Change team to discuss the best solution to individual situations.


How do I get new numbers allocated?

If you have used up all your numbers, please submit a request to chorus@it.ox.ac.uk with the number of lines you require and the cost code to bill them against.

 I have numbers allocated  – what next?

When your new number is ready to use, a notification will be sent out from the Chorus support team. Once received, please update Phone Manager https://phoneman.it.ox.ac.uk/ with the details of the person allocated the number, then click the 'Switch to Chorus' button. 

The user can then login to the web portal at https://web.chorus.ox.ac.uk

In the web portal, setup Preferred Device to redirect the new line number to another device – see guidance notes at http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/chorus/preferred_devices


What handset comes with this?

No handset will be provided unless requested and required. Existing handsets should be used if available.


The new location already has a working line – do I need to do anything?

Yes, the individual must set that number as a preferred device.


 I have a Prof who currently has two lines – one in my department and the other in college. What happens to these lines?

The one in your department should be designated as the main number, with full unified communication (UC) privileges, and used to set up a preferred device to redirect calls to another number. The college number will be migrated as well, and at that time the user may make a decision about which they wish to use.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 9 March 2017