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Applications on CONNECT PCs running Windows 7

1. Introduction

All Windows PCs running Windows 7 and using CONNECT will have a number of commonly-used software packages preinstalled, and you can install a number of other programs when needed using the Oxford Applications Installer menu (found on the Start menu or the System Tray).

IT Services can install additional software packages on request; typically these are packages only used by a few people, or where a licence needs to be purchased before the software can be installed.

This page lists the main programs that you will find either pre-installed or in the Oxford Applications Installer menu. It also gives details of the approach for releasing new versions of applications.

2. Applications pre-installed as standard

You should find the following applications and versions pre-installed as standard on all CONNECT PCs.

  • Adobe Reader XI
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client (laptops only)
  • Microsoft Office 2013 (32-bit) (from August 2016 - was previously Microsoft Office 2010)
  • Power PDF Advanced (from August 2016 - was previously Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise)
  • VLC Media Player

Various browser plugins such as Adobe Flash Player, JRE and Microsoft Silverlight are also preinstalled on all CONNECT PCs. The version of Internet Explorer installed should generally be 11.

3. Applications available for self-service installation

The following applications are available to install as needed from the Oxford Applications Installer menu.

File archive manipulation
Adobe Digital Editions
Ebook reader and manager
Audio editor
For burning CDs and DVDs
Reference Management
FTP file transfer client
Web browser
Image editing and manipulation
Google Chrome
Web browser
Password Manager
Notepad replacement and source code editor
oXygen XML Editor
XML editor and Subversion client
SSH client
Communications program
Tableau Reader
Viewer for Tableau Desktop files
Tortoise SVN Client
Subversion client

Note that the SSH Client that was available on Windows XP systems is no longer included on the menu. The functionality it provided is available using PuTTY (for ssh and command line sftp) and Filezilla (for a graphical sftp interface).

4. Applications available on request

If you need additional software please contact the IT Services Help Desk (via email: - please check our FAQs before contacting the Service Desk), giving details of the application(s) that you need.

5. Department or group-specific applications

Some packages may be available to a particular department, or to a particular group. This may be necessary due to licensing restrictions or because the software is not usually used outside of that department or group. These packages are either made available on the self-service menu or preinstalled on all PCs.

Currently the following packages are available on CONNECT PCs running Windows 7 in particular areas. Note that this list may not be exhaustive.

Bodleian Libraries (not Reader PCs)

  • Aleph Client (via self-service)

CONNECT Windows 7 x64 Laptops

  • Symantec Encryption Desktop (via self-service)

6. Software Versions and Upgrading Policy

Security Updates

IT Services will normally apply key security updates as needed in order to help minimise the risk of systems being compromised. In particular IT Services will regularly update browser plugins such as Adobe Flash Player, while minor updates (usually security-related) for Microsoft applications are installed automatically. These updates are generally installed silently without interrupting anyone working on the PC. Note however that some updates require a reboot before they are fully installed. If you do not shut your PC down overnight we do recommend that you restart it regularly to ensure security updates are applied.

Other Upgrades

For most other programs, when a new major version is released IT Services will generally make it available from the Oxford Applications Installer menu within a few months of release and will remove the previous version from the menu. Any older versions that have already been installed onto PCs will not be removed. Exceptions to this process are listed below.

  • Where programs that have a cost associated with the licence (for example Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Visio etc.), IT Services expects to maintain at least two versions at any time.
  • IT Services may not make every new version available, particularly where major versions are released very frequently. In some cases IT Services may also release a minor upgrade to a program; for example if it corrects a significant problem or resolves a security vulnerability.
  • IT Services will normally only upgrade applications that are specific to a deparment as agreed with the appropriate department. This will generally include Microsoft Office.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 12 December 2017