Efficient IT: How IT Services can help

1. The business case for IT efficiency

Financial and resource pressure in the Higher Education Sector is ever-increasing. It is more important than ever for colleges and departments to make the most effective use possible of their IT resources, including staff, to provide their members with the tools they need to do their work. Oxford University has many first class IT Support Staff distributed among, and serving, its colleges and departments. IT Services strives to work collaboratively with and through them to ensure that IT services are delivered as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We encourage units to exploit local systems and expertise when it is most appropriate and central systems and expertise when economies of scale do not work at the local level. The two approaches always work best in balance.

The side menu links to relevant sections of the IT Services site and will act as good starting points for you to find out more about a given service. IT Services and efficient IT section has lots of information to help increase your units efficiency too!

1.1. Seminar: Efficient IT - Keeping costs down and performance up

This workshop attempted to guide bursars and administrators in terms of the devolved nature of IT support, by showing how we can assist their local IT Officers, but also the range of services currently on offer from IT Services - free at the point of use, or as a chargeable service.

Each presentation is provided here along with a short biography of the speaker:

1.1.1. Dr Stuart Lee


Dr Stuart Lee is the Director, Computing Systems & Services. Prior to taking on this role, Stuart was the head of the Learning Technologies Group at OUCS. He is a member of several senior University ICT committees, sits on JISC's e-pedagogies experts group, and the UK's Higher Education E-Learning Forum (HELF). He is also a teaching member of the English Faculty.

Presentation: Efficient IT: Can OUCS Help?

Contact: stuart.lee@it.ox.ac.uk

1.1.2. Cllr Tony Brett


Tony has been a member of Oxford University since 1989. He has worked as a College IT Manager as well as a departmental IT Manager (5 years each) and now enjoys supporting and coordinating all the many skilled IT staff around Oxford University as head of IT Support Staff services and Deputy Manager of the Information and Support Group in OUCS. An important part of Tony's role is to enable and empower IT staff to maximise their units' use of centrally provided facilities so they can focus on using their local expertise, skills and business process knowledge to keep research, teaching and administration at the excellent levels Oxford expects.

Presentation: Building capacity and support for your staff and students

Contact: tony.brett@it.ox.ac.uk

1.1.3. Dr Wylie Horn


The Network Systems Management Services (NSMS) team, led by Dr Wylie Horn, provides a wide range of IT services, including professional web hosting services for many groups, colleges and departments through the University.

Presentation: Supporting your Technical Strategy

Contact: wylie.horn@oucs.ox.ac.uk


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