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Sympa information for helpcentre staff

1. Maillist information

For all the basic information about maillists, see our maillists section.

1.1. Maillist policy information

The Maillist Policy includes information about acceptable use of lists, who can own them, and rules about list use.

1.2. Maillist administration.

Users log in with their single sign on details. So if they are already logged into an SSO service, then they will just get a standard continue to Sympa prompt. Note that the options available there will depend on which level of permission a user has. The levels of permission are:

This is the top level admin and is restricted to a few IT support staff. This gives you full admin rights over all lists including being able to create, rename, and delete lists.
Privileged owner
This is equivalent to the list owner role in EZMLM. This is the person who can configure the list, add and remove subscribers and managers, and who oversees the day to day running of the list.
Normal owner
This role allows you to do certain list configuration tasks, and also make changes to the subscribers. This is similar to the manager role in EZMLM.
Subscribers can view the information about which lists they are subscribed to, and according to the configuration for the individual list, they can also unsubscribe. If an option isn’t available they either don’t have the relevant permissions, or the list is set with the option not available, eg being unable to unsubscribe from announce type lists.

1.3. Maillist creation

Users have to apply for a list via for lists and for lists.

This is the process followed when a request is received:

  • Check that the requestor can own a list (note: undergrads cannot be list owners).
  • Check the name of the list using Note that there is a drop down menu there to choose between, and, though Chemistry deal with their own requests. So if the list is a maillist.admin one make sure you select that.
  • If the list is OK go to sympa admin/pending lists If the list is a maillist.admin one, choose from the list of domains on the top left of the home page first. Select the relevant list name, click on the Install It button, and tick the option to send an email to the requestor.
  • Put a comment on the RT ticket along the lines of listname OK, owner OK, list created, standard confirmation sent. There is no need to reply to the RT ticket, as if you tick the send confirmation box, Sympa sends out a standard list created message.
  • If there is a problem with the list owner, or the list name already exists, then reply to the RT ticket to query those.

1.4. Drastic Operations

Listmasters can delete a list, or rename a list. You need to first search for the relevant list either by the search box, which is in the top left of the Sympa home page, or from the lists of lists tab. Then click on the Admin button next to the list name. The two options are then under the "Drastic Operations" header.

1.5. Administering lists

Choose the list you want to work with, either by searching for it, or choosing it from the lists of lists. Then click on the Admin button. You will then see the admin actions which are available.

Sympa documentation is available here: Oxford documentation for Sympa.

There are Help buttons in various places all over Sympa which will give you guidance about the operation you want to perform.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 15 November 2017