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Introduction to Sympa

1. Maillist using Sympa

Sympa is the software which Oxford University now use for managing maillists. It replaced EZMLM in July 2014.

1.1. Logging into Sympa

The address for logging into Sympa is

You log into Sympa with your Single Sign-on (SSO) username and password. If you are already logged into another SSO service, then you will be presented with the 'continue to Sympa' prompt. The information you will then see will depend on which level of list access you have. There are five levels:-

a few people in IT support roles who have overall list administration rights.
Privileged owner
These users have ownership of one or more lists and can carry out most day to day management and list configuration tasks.
This is similar to the list manager role in EZMLM. Some management and configuration is possible but some is restricted to privileged owners.
This role is for approving messages or subscriptions to lists which have moderator options set.
This allows changes to be made to subscriptions. This is available to all levels of user, but where an option doesn’t work, it means it is not available for that particular list.

Once you have logged into Sympa, you will see your email address displayed:

Choosing email address screen

Once logged in, the level of access associated with the address you have logged in as will determine the options you have within Sympa. So the view you would see as a privileged owner is different to the view you would see as a normal owner, or as a subscriber only. If you are subscribed to lists with a different address then you can switch between addresses as per the example above. There is a drop down menu which you can click on to change to another address. Once you have chosen the address you want to use, click on logout to a new address (top right hand corner) and then choose the relevant address.

1.2. Sympa information.

Once you have logged in, the facilities you will see depend on your role. But you will see a screen similar to this:

Screen once logged into Sympa

The login information is at the top right. If you are subscribed to different lists with different addresses you can choose “logout to use a different address” to change your logged in address. You also log out by clicking on the logout button.

There are four tabs :-

Create list
This takes you to the form where you can request a new list
List of lists
This lists all of the maillists which you are able to see
This takes you to the Sympa home page from where you can carry out operations such as managing lists (if you are a list owner), unsubscribing from a list, and viewing list information (where you have permission to do so).
This links you to the Sympa built-in help information.
  • Listmaster
  • Privileged owner
  • Normal owner
  • Moderators
  • Subscribers


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 2 September 2015