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Sympa Information for Listmasters

1. Listmaster

Listmasters have access to all of the lists, or the lists in their domain. So as well as all the options available to list owners, there are overall administrative options available as well. When you log in as a listmaster you will have the following options available.

list owner view

On the left hand side, you can select which domain you want to work with :


Across the top, just under the page title, there are five tabs

  • Create list
  • Sympa admin
  • List of lists
  • Home
  • Help

1.1. Create list

To request a new list for visit:

For lists in the form of the form is at

For maillist.chem the form is at

The process for dealing with a new list is :-

  • Validate the list name via Choose the domain from the drop down list.
  • Check that the requestor is allowed to request a list, note that undergrads cannot own a list.
  • Go to
  • Choose the relevant domain from the list and click on [Pending Lists] and select the relevant list
  • Click on the Create List button and check the box to send a confirmation to the requestor.

1.2. Sympa Admin

This is where listmaster level admin tasks are performed. The URL is
You can switch between domains under Manage subscription for other domains

1.2.1. Lists


These are the options available:

Pending list
These are lists which have been requested and which are pending creation.
Closed lists
This are lists which have closed membership.
Lists sorted by creation date
This is one way to get a comprehensive list of all lists, the other is via the alphabetical tabs under list of lists.
list date

Click on the relevant list to go into the list configuration screen. As a listmaster, in addition to list owner configuration options, you can also remove a list, or rename a list.

Lists sorted by last message date
Useful if you want to see if a list has been used recently.

1.2.2. Users


This is where you can make changes to list user information.

This option allows you to search for a particular email address and display the lists which it is subscribed to, owns or moderates.
Change email address
This option allows you to update a subscribers email address on all the lists they are subscribed to with that address. Enter the subscribed address in the first field, and the new address in the second field.
Change identity
This allows you to switch user, giving you a view of the relevant list exactly as the owner would see it. This is useful for helping with list configuration options for instance. Enter the relevant address and you will then see a list like this:
switch user

Click on the Admin button next to the relevant list to enter the list owner options for that list.

To switch back to your own identity, there is a Restore Identity button at the top right by the login options.

1.3. List of lists

This has an index of all lists broken down alphabetically (click on the relevant letter). Or you can view all the lists. You can also search for lists by name using the Search lists field.

1.4. List nesting

It is now possible for listmasters and privileged owners to set up list nesting. This is where you can set a maillist as a subscriber of a list, so a list can post to another list. To set this up:

  • Open the list you wish to subscribe other lists to
  • Select the List Config tab
  • Click on the Sending/receiving setup button
  • Scroll down to Require the list to appear in the To or CC fields
  • Set this option to Off
  • Click on the Update button at the bottom of the screen

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 21 December 2016