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List Subscriber Information

1. Subscriber options

In Sympa, you can view, and in some cases, make changes to your list subscriptions. Note that if an option isn't available, that will be due to the way the list has been configured by the owner.

You log into Sympa with your single sign on details. But once logged in, you can switch between subscriber addresses. So if you have subscribed to lists with different addresses, and can’t see all your subscriptions, switch to a different address.

login screen

You can select which email address you use at login, but can later switch addresses by clicking on the Logout button and choose a different address from there (top right hand corner).

Subscriber options.
Subscriber options

The diagram above shows the options available to subscribers and each is defined below. If any of them are not available, it is either because you don't have the necessary permissions, or because of the way the list is configured.

This will allow you to unsubscribe from a selected list. If this option isn’t available, it will be because the list owner has set the configuration so that you can’t unsubscribe.
This will give you some general information, such as the list name.
This is only available to list owners, so you may get an error message if you try to view the information for a list you don’t own.
If you are a moderator for a list you will see pending options here.
You can post to a list via the web interface. Just enter the subject and text and then click Send a message.
Review Members
This option may not be available if the list owner has set the subscribers to private. You can view the subscribers but can’t make any changes unless you are a list owner.
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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014