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EZMLM/Sympa transition guide

Getting to grips with Sympa

How do I log into Sympa?
You use your single sign-on details to log into Sympa. The login link is

Once you have accessed Sympa, you then need to click on the Login button in the top right hand corner to proceed with the login. If you only have one email address this action will immediately log you in to the web interface.

If you have more than one email address, then in the central portion of the screen you will need to select the one you wish to use and then click the Select this email address button. This is because Sympa uses email addresses rather than your username to define ownership and roles. As a result you may find that you are not able to see all of your lists and you'll need to log out and log back in with a different address. To do this, click the Logout to use a new address button at the top right of the screen. Then click the Login button again and you should again be presented with a drop down menu with your address options. As the owner of more than one address you can select a default address, which you'll be logged into automatically, by ticking the box Automatically use this address in future?.

Choose email address screen

Once logged in, the level of access associated with the address you have logged in as will determine the options you have within Sympa. So the view you would see as a privileged owner is different to the view you would see as a normal owner, or as a subscriber only. If you are subscribed to lists with a different address then you can switch between addresses as per the example above. There is a drop down menu which you can click on to change to another address. Once you have chosen the address you want to use, click on Logout to a new address (top right hand corner) and then choose the relevant address.

How do I configure a list
There are several preset list configurations available which you choose from. For a list of these and what each one means see:
This is the form to create a list but it also explains the various options available. 
To change the configuration of a list, you need to be logged in as a privileged owner, and choose List config, then Sending/receiving setup.
How do I add normal owners or moderators to a list?
You need to be a privileged owner. You make these changes via the List config tab, then List definition.
How do I request a new list/change the ownership of a list/request deletion of a list?
These topics are all covered at maillists.
How do I view my lists and subscriptions?
Choose Home from the tabs at the top of the Sympa screen. The options you see here will vary according to whether you own a list as a privileged or normal owner, are a moderator, or are a list subscriber. See figure below.
List of subscriptions to maillists

Click on the relevant list, and you will then see options such as info/admin/moderate relevant to that list. Note that if some of these are greyed out, they are not available. This may be due to the way the list is configured, or because those options aren’t available to you.

How do I make changes to the texts sent by the list
From home, click on Admin next to the list you want to make changes to. Then select the Customizing tab. There is then an Edit button next to each text which you are able to change.
How to I manage subscribers?
From home, click on Admin next to the list which you want to make changes to, then choose the Manage subscribers tab. You will see a screen like this:
Manage subscribers screen

You add subscribers by email address. You can add a single address, or click the Add multiple addresses button. When adding multiple address, add one address per line with no commas or other punctuation marks.

To remove subscribers, you can use the individual check box next to the address which you want to remove. Or you can use the toggle selection to select them all. Then click on Delete selected email addresses.

How do I moderate a list?
An email will be sent to the moderators, asking them to approve or reject the message, as with EZMLM. Messages can also be approve or reject from within Sympa. Choose the relevant list, then select the Moderate button, which is at the bottom left of the screen where you select various admin functions.
How do I view the archives for a list?
From home, select the list which you want to see the archives for. If these are available, click on the Archive button in the bottom left box.
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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 30 November 2017