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Apple Mail (Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite)

If this is the first account to be added to Mail, it will automatically prompt you to add an account, if not you can select 'Add account...' from the Mail menu in the taskbar.


1. Select Exchange for account type and click Continue (fig 1). 

Select Exchange from the list Fig 1.

2. On the next screen:

  • choose a Name (1), see fig 2.
  • enter your SSO username as the email address eg. (2)
  • enter your SSO password (3)
  • click Continue.

username and password screen Fig 2.

3. On the Account Settings screen:

  • enter an account description (1) (fig 3)
  • verify your username (2) is correct (abcd1234)
  • enter your SSO password (3)
  • enter Server Address: (4)
  • click Continue.

Account setting screens Fig 3.


4. Check the account details are accurate in the Account Summary (fig 4).

Account summary screen Fig 4.

5. Choose which apps you would like to use with Nexus (fig 5).

  • Mail (default)
  • Contacts (recommended)
  • Calendar (recommended)
  • Notes
  • Reminders

Then click Done

Choose apps screen Fig 5.

6. To configure your calendar, you will need to open the Calendar app and do the following (fig 6):

  • click on the 'Calendars' button
  • in the side bar that this opens, you should see the description of your nexus account that you set up earlier with an error symbol
  • click on the error symbol

calendar screen Fig 6.

connect calendar screen Fig 7.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 22 February 2018