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Deregistering from the HFS Backup Service

If you no longer require the use of the TSM backup service then we request that you deregister the node(s) that you no longer need to back up, and then also ensure that the TSM client software is no longer installed on the appropriate machine(s). You might be deregistering a node because:

  • You are leaving Oxford University.
  • You are upgrading to a new machine and no longer wish to back up the old one.
  • You no longer need to back a machine up.

1. Deregistration Process

The process of deregistering a machine from backup is very straightforward: please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the IT Services self-registration page; it will look like the image below.

  2. Click on the link Deregister a TSM backup client. This will take you to the TSM deregistration page similar to the image shown below:

  3. If you have more than one node registered with the backup service then select the appropriate node and click on Deregister selected client. If you need to deregister more than one client then repeat this process for each node.

  4. You will then be asked to confirm again that you wish to deregister the node - if you are sure click Proceed.
  5. If you clicked on Proceed you will now see a screen confirming your deregistration.
  6. You will shortly afterwards receive an automated email from the HFS Team confirming that this node will be deleted.
  7. Please now proceed to remove the TSM software from the machine - if you do not do this then it will continue to contact our servers, unsuccessfully trying to run scheduled backups.

2. Deregistering - Frequently Asked Questions

Deregistration FAQs (See all FAQs)

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 10 October 2014