Removing the Spectrum Protect/TSM Client Software from Linux

1. Uninstalling Spectrum Protect/TSM from Linux

1.1. Debian and RPM based systems

The packages you need to remove will depend on the version of Spectrum Protect you have currently installed, and on what previous versions you had installed and may include any of the following

Package name Notes
ox-hfs-sp-client Spectrum Protect 8.1 and higher
ox-hfs-sp-client-nogui Spectrum Protect 8.1 and higher
gskcrypt64 Required by TSM 6.3 and higher and Spectrum Protect 8.1 and higher
gskssl64 Required by TSM 6.3 and higher and Spectrum Protect 8.1 and higher
tsm-client TSM client 5.4 -7.1 (may also be present if you have upgraded from one of these versions to Spectrum Protect 8.1 or higher)
tsm-client-base TSM client 6.2 -7.1 (may also be present if you have upgraded from one of these versions to Spectrum Protect 8.1 or higher)
gskcrypt32 Required by TSM 6.2
gskssl32 Required by TSM 6.2
oucs-hfs-repo Older repository package that is no longer required

Removing these will still leave the HFS repository set up which is useful should you wish to reinstall. To remove that too you also need to remove the ox-hfs-repo package. Packages can usually be removed either using a GUI tool provided by your distribution or using the command line. Instructions for package removal using the command line for various distributions follow.

1.1.1. Debian based systems (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu)

To remove packages retaining the existing configuration files (for example if you're intending to reinstall) use apt-get remove, e.g.

apt-get remove ox-hfs-sp-client 

To remove packages removing the existing configuration files use apt-get purge, e.g.

apt-get purge ox-hfs-sp-client 

In either case do this for all the packages listed in the table.

1.1.2. Fedora systems

Packages can be removed with dnf (unless you have Fedora 21 or earlier in which cas see the next section), e.g

dnf erase ox-hfs-sp-client 

1.1.3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Centos, Scientific Linux, and similar

Packages can be removed with yum, e.g

yum erase ox-hfs-sp-client 

1.1.4. SUSE, OpenSUSE

Packages can be removed with zypper, e.g

zypper remove ox-hfs-sp-client 

1.1.5. Mageia/Mandriva

Packages can be removed with urpme, e.g

urpme ox-hfs-sp-client 

1.1.6. Other RPM based systems

Packages can be removed with rpm, e.g

rpm -e ox-hfs-sp-client


1.2. Uninstalling a tar file installation

1.2.1. Spectrum Protect 8.1 or higher and TSM 6.2 and higher

To remove the TSM 6.2 Linux client

/opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/HFSscheduler off
rm -rf /opt/tivoli
rm -rf /etc/adsm
rm -rf /usr/local/ibm/gsk* 

1.2.2. TSM 6.1

To remove the TSM 6.1 Linux client

rm -rf /opt/tivoli
rm -rf /etc/adsm 

1.2.3. TSM 5.5, 5.4

To remove the TSM 5.5 or 5.4 Linux client

rm -rf /opt/tivoli
rm -rf /etc/adsm 

1.2.4. TSM 6.1, 5.5, 5.4

To remove the TSM Linux client

rpm -e tsm-client

1.3. Removing log files

The log files in /var/log/dsm*.log are not removed by the removal process. You may want to remove them manually to free up disk space.

2. Uninstalling TSM 5.3 and earlier from Linux

Depending on which version you have installed will mean you have a particular package name. The following table lists the different package names (in cases of package names ending in -b1 this also could be -b2, -b3, -b4, -b6):

TSM Version 5.1 5.2 5.3
Tarball Yes Yes Yes
RPM Package name TIVsm-OUCS TIVsm-OUCS-B1 tsm-client-b1
DEB Package name tivsm-oucs tivsm-oucs-b1 tsm-client-b1

Shutdown any scheduler process running as below:

# If using an init script - (here called 'dsmsched')
% dsmsched stop
% ps -ef | grep [d]smc # should return no output
# if just running in the background
% pid=`ps -ef | grep [d]smc | awk '{print $2}'`
% kill -TERM $pid                

Now uninstall the TSM software as below:

# Linux Redhat - as root user
% rpm -e TIVsm-OUCS
# Debian Linux - as root user
% dpkg --purge tivsm-oucs
# Removing an installation from tar files - as root user
% cd /opt
% rm -rf tivoli/                

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 17 November 2017