Setting Up a New TSM Scheduler on the Mac

The TSM scheduler is normally installed automatically with the HFS TSM client software for the Mac. Before following the instructions below, please verify via our page on checking the TSM scheduler on the Mac that you do not already have a TSM scheduler, because two or more schedulers running on one machine will cause confusion, and may paradoxically cause backups to be deleted prematurely and/or cause any subsequent installation and update of the HFS TSM software to fail. If you are certain that you do not already have a TSM scheduler already installed, it will probably be because of one of the following:

  • TSM was hand-configured on your machine, rather than set up with the HFS TSM installer.
  • The existing TSM scheduler was removed from your machine.
  • You are registered on OX_HFS_VPN for which there are no schedules.
  1. Run [Applications] > [Tivoli Storage Manager].

  2. Run [TSM Tools for Administrators].

  3. Select [Start the Scheduler] and click OK. A message will be displayed:

  4. Click OK. You will be asked for your local administrator password.

  5. You should then see a confirmatory message reporting that the TSM scheduler has started:

  6. Click OK. You have now finished setting up the TSM scheduler service and it should now start to run. This can be checked as described in our page on checking the TSM scheduler on the Mac.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 8 October 2014