Changing from a Standalone Scheduler to a CAD-Managed Scheduler in NetWare

The HFS recommends running the scheduler as a standalone process as of November 2009, and this is set as default by our installation package. Older HFS packages use the TSM Client Acceptor Daemon (CAD) to run the TSM Scheduler, but successive versions of the former have been found to have security vulnerabilities. We therefore no longer support use of the CAD.

However, the disadvantage of having the TSM Scheduler as a standalone process is that it has a larger memory footprint; we therefore recommend restarting this service regularly. For how to do this, please see our section on Running Scheduled Backups in Netware 6.5. If you still wish to use the CAD to run the scheduler, please do as follows:

  1. Stop the scheduler as follows:
  2. Add the following line to dsm.opt:
  3. Now start the CAD:

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 10 October 2014