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Manually Configuring TSM for Solaris

1. Editing dsm.sys

The important parameters are: Nodename, Servername, TCPServer, TCPPort.

An example of part of dsm.sys for an unconfigured client is as follows:

* This is the example dsm.sys file for use with the HFS at Oxford.
* As supplied, it must be edited as described below.

* Server settings: these determine which part of the HFS
* service you back up to. If the installer has found your
* node on a server then it will have automatically configured
* these for you as well as the nodename below. If it failed
* to do so, then they will be commented out.

ServerName           UNKNOWN
CommMethod           TCPIP
TcpServerAddress     UNKNOWN
TcpPort              UNKNOWN

* The nodename identifies your computer to the TSM server.

NodeName             CHANGE.THIS

The three server parameters Servername, TCPServer and TCPPort need to be configured as per the entries for Server Name, DNS Name and Port, respectively, on the HFS TSM server details page.

Except as described below and in the comment lines in these files, please do not make arbitrary changes to the values of options unless advised specifically by IT Services.


Edit the Nodename value from CHANGE.THIS to the name that your client was registered as for TSM backup. Typically this will be of the form name.dept or username-freetext-dept.


The option has two functions: it can either be used to logically partition your filespaces, on which see the relevant section in our page on backing up machines which have high file counts; and to give basic backup compatibility support, on which see our page on supported Solaris file systems.

2. Editing dsm.opt


Amend the Domain line to list the local filesystems you wish to have backed up. This list should be space-separated and may be specified on multiple lines to additively list a number of filesystems, as below:

Domain              /   /usr   /usr/local
Domain              /data/01   /data/02      

Please avoid backing up filesystems such as /tmp and /var/tmp which contain nothing of a permanent nature. Please also avoid backing up NFS-mounted filesystems; these should be backed up from their home machine. A symbolic link to a filesystem cannot be included in the Domain list.


Strictly the Servername option does not have to be defined in dsm.opt, but if it is then it must match the Servername defined in dsm.sys.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 6 January 2015