Access Rights: considerations when setting up TSM Automatic Scheduled Backups Services on Windows

1. Access Rights for TSM Scheduled Backup Services

IBM advise the following:

To install and configure IBM Tivoli Storage Manager services on the entire system, including the system registry, you must have local administrator or a domain administrator privileges.

To back up files, you must have access rights on the local drive or directory containing those files. By default, Tivoli Storage Manager client services run under the local system account. Because the services use logon properties such as persistent drive mappings, and local search path and environment variables of the account into which they are logged, consider having the services account run under a domain account instead of the local system account. Domain resources, such as network drives, can only be accessed by services configured to run under a domain authorized account using dsmcutil or the Service Control Panel Application.

A non-administrative account will have fewer backup and restore rights than an administrative one, but the specifics vary according to the different versions of Windows. Generally, non-administrative accounts will not be able to back up or restore files to which the account does not have access, nor System Access Control Lists (SACL).

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 8 October 2014