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Installing the TSM Client for Windows 2003

1. Installing the TSM Client

  1. Close any programs that you are running, where possible.

  2. Browse to your desktop and locate the TSM client package that you downloaded: its shortcut will look like the image below. When located, double-click to commence the installation. Please note that on Windows 8/2012, this package is stored in the 'Downloads' directory within your home directory (also user directory) by default.

  3. The installer launches as shown below:

  4. If prompted by a security warning, click on Yes to continue:

  5. Then you will see the installation instruction window. Click on OK to continue:

  6. The installation of your client will proceed. After a short while, you will be prompted for your TSM nodename and TSM password - these were configured during HFS registration. If you can't remember your nodename or password, go to the Self-Registration Page where you will see your registered nodename and will be able to reset your TSM password if necessary.

  7. When you have entered your nodename and password click Next. (If either is not recognised you will be prompted to go to the Self-Registration Page, where you will see your registered nodename and will be able to reset your TSM password if necessary.)

  8. The installer will now finish configuring your TSM client. It will also install and start the TSM scheduler service to allow automatic backups overnight. For more information on this please refer to Checking the TSM Scheduler for Windows.

  9. Now that the installation is complete, you can click on Finish to close the installation window:

  10. Please now proceed to the next section to run an initial backup.

2. Running an Initial Backup of your System

It is important to ensure that you run an initial manual backup of your machine for the following reasons:

  1. To verify connectivity between your client and the HFS server
  2. To verify that the software is working correctly
  3. To ensure that we receive your data correctly
  4. To ensure that any issues can be addressed as soon as possible.

Now please follow these instructions to run through the initial backup.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Had problems during the installation process? Read these FAQs to assist you with completing the installation

Installing the TSM Client FAQ (See all FAQs)

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 26 November 2014