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TSM Client - Java Solution

On some new machines, the TSM graphical interface will apparently not run, an empty grey box appearing in its place. Below is a screenshot illustrating the problem. The aim of this article is to resolve the issue.

Example Symptom

Below is a screenshot of the java problem.

The issue seems to be caused by a conflict between new hardware and the older version of the IBM Java client that is packaged with the TSM Client.

Resolving the Issue

This issue is resolved by disabling the old IBM Java client and ensuring a more appropriate version of Java is available.

  1. Rename the old Java client folder:
    1. Browse to c:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient
    2. Within the baclient folder locate the jvm50 folder
    3. Right click on the jvm50 folder and select [Rename] from the list of options
    4. Rename the folder to unusedjvm.
  2. Now try running the TSM Client again - this will determine whether you already have another Java client installed.
  3. If the TSM Client opens successfully then you already have another client installed and no further work is necessary. However if you see an error similar to that one below then you need a new Java Client:

  4. If you do see this error, install the latest Java client as follows:
    1. Visit the Java download page
    2. Click on the Free Java Download button
    3. A second page will appear, again click on the Free Java Download button
    4. Click on the Save File
    5. Point the save location of the jxpiinstall.exe to your desktop and click Save
    6. Double click on the jxpiinstall.exe from the desktop, and acknowledge any security messages
    7. When prompted click on Run
    8. The Java Welcome screen will appear, click Install
    9. Untick the Yahoo Tool bar Option and click Next
    10. If required close any Web Browsers down or click the Close Browsers and Continue button - ensuring the your work is saved
    11. Click OK to commence the install
    12. A message will appear confirming you have successfully installed Java - click Close.
  5. Now try running the TSM Client and it should now load successfully.


This problem has been found with newly built machines running Windows XP.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 8 October 2014