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Restoring Windows Files Without Their Permissions

In certain circumstances you may wish to bypass Windows permissions when restoring data. On a Windows system, it is possible to restore files without the associated access control lists (ACLs) using either the TSM GUI or the command line.

From the TSM GUI, open the Restore window and select Options. Untick the box labelled 'Restore NTFS security information', click OK, and restore your files.

This setting will stay in effect only until the restore window is closed, and so will need to be unticked for each restore session of this type.

From the command line, use the 'skipntp' option, as in the following example:

dsmc restore source-file destination-file -skipntp=yes

Refer to our section on restoring files using the command line interface for more information.

After the restore is complete, you should review the Windows permissions and ownership of these files to be sure they have properly inherited those that you are expecting.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 10 October 2014