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Student Club/Society : Primary Guidelines

1. Personnel

  • The IT Officer must hold a current University Card of category Undergraduate, Graduate, Congregation, University Staff, College Staff, Departmental Staff, Retired Staff, RVO Student, Registered PT Student or Academic Visitor.
  • The Webmaster must hold a current University Card of category Undergraduate, Graduate or Congregation. This is to comply with the Regulations of the Rules Committee.
  • Any additional users of the account must have a card as specified for the IT Officer and be authorised by the IT Officer who should notify IT Services Registration by email, specifying name, college and barcode for each person. When there is a change of IT Officer, or any such person ceases to have a qualifying University Card, this authorisation will be cancelled.
  • Additional users will only be accepted by IT Services if they are Society officers or committee members named on the Proctors' Form. If access is required for anyone else, that person must be elected or co-opted onto the committee and must appear on the list of officers and committee members approved by the Proctors.
  • Nobody is to be given the account password unless properly registered with IT Services as above. If the committee changes during the year, the registration procedure must be executed again if any new officers or committee members need to be given access to the account.

2. Continuity

  • The IT Officer is responsible for ensuring that any computer-based or computer-related records are passed on when there is a Committee change.
  • The Society should consider having two different people, with terms of office not expiring simultaneously, for the IT Officer and Webmaster, to reduce possible problems with continuity.

3. Mailing Lists

  • A registered Society is allowed to have a mailing list. A Single Sign-On account must be registered if the Society requires IT Services to provide mailing list facilities. Additional mailing lists can be requested if necessary for the administration of Society or committee business. Attention must be given to the 1998 Data Protection Act - there is useful guidance in the booklet Regulations and Notes of Guidance for Student Clubs, Societies and Other Organisations issued by the Proctors and Assessor.
  • Mailing lists should be maintained according to the relevant separate section of these IT Services guidelines. In particular, the mailing list for the general membership shall have an archive and either its subscriptions must be moderated or its subscriber list must be monitored frequently (at least monthly). Mailing lists for special purposes (such as internal committee communications) should only allow subscribers to be added manually by the list owner or a list manager.

4. Email

  • When email is sent using Nexus Web Access (the web interface to the Nexus email service or the Outlook email client the "From:" address will show the name of the society as preamble to the email address of the account. Reasonable abbreviations can be applied where the society name is very long. Please contact IT Services Registration if this is not set up correctly. Example:

    O U Gilbert and Sullivan Society <>

    This effect can be obtained through an email client by setting "My name" to the name of the society and "my email address" to the Society's email address, as above.

    Outgoing email must not show "O U" or "Oxford University" unless approval has been obtained from the Vice-Chancellor (via the Proctors) to include the name of the University in the Society's title.

5. Password

  • For a new account, the password must be altered as soon as possible to a private choice. The account will be locked if the password is not changed within 7 days.
  • The password must be changed every time there is any change to the list of people authorised to use the account (including the owner).
  • Any misuse of the account by previous committee members through failure to change the password will be the responsibility of the new IT Officer in the first instance.
  • It is not possible to use the security question/answer route to recover from a lost password. You can change the password in the normal way if you know the old one. If the password is lost, you need to get a new one from  IT Services Registration. IT Services will only release a password to a properly registered user of the account.

6. General

  • Registration is for a maximum period of one year at a time (subject to continued registration of the Society by the Proctors) and automatically cancels the registration of all previous officers. The username will lapse if the IT Officer ceases to have valid University status (for any reason) before the registration is renewed. Societies do not need the change of account users to be confirmed by the previous committee.
  • All files, email and web pages are liable to be deleted when 15 months have elapsed since the last time the society contacted IT Services to re-register, or when IT Services is notified that the Society has been disbanded or no longer requires IT Services facilities.
  • A quota of 2Gb is available for email. Web pages will have an initial allocation of 15 Mb and a maximum of 60 Mb. Please email  IT Services Registration if you have any requests or queries regarding quotas.  
  • Advertising, such as an automatic pop-up window showing a sponsor's advertisement, is not permitted for any web site within the University. However, a web page may contain links to sponsors' web sites, and their logos may appear if they agree. Please read carefully if you wish to pursue this.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 13 December 2017