Card and IT service entitlements

1. Introduction

The facilities and services offered by IT Services are available, free of charge, to students, members of Congregation, staff (including retired staff) and visitors. A current University Card is required as card data is used to determine a person's entitlement to services.

For the purposes of service entitlement, College includes Permanent Private Hall and Department includes Faculty and Sub-Faculty. Members of Recognised Independent Centres are not entitled to services based on accounts managed by IT Services.

2. University Card Categories

Card Code Status IT Services code Entitlement Group
MC Congregation (from Register of Congregation) senmem full
US University Staff (on payroll) staff full
FS Former Staff (on University Pension) approved by a dept or college ret retired
FR Former Staff (on University pension) approved by Pensions retfr retired
AV Academic Visitor visitor full
DS Departmental Staff dept full
CS College Staff college full
GT/GR Postgraduate (from SITS) postgrad postgrad
UG Undergraduate (from SITS) undergrad undergrad
VR Visiting/Recognized Student (from SITS) student undergrad
PT Part Time (Continuing Education - unmatriculated) undergrad undergrad
VD Departmental Visiting Student ( email address) student undergrad
VV Departmental Visiting Student ( email address) student undergrad
CL/CB Cardholder (unit member, not a University member) cardholder cardholder
VA/VX Virtual Access (neither unit nor University member) virtual virtual
Non-card status: leaver Students in the 11 months after their University Card has expired (neither unit nor University member) leaver leaver

No access to any IT Service-managed facilities is granted by any other card types, including:

  • Bodleian Reader
  • Temporary Pass
  • UNIQ Summer School

For more information about University Cards, see the University Card site.

For more information about Bodleian Reader Cards, see the Bodleian site.

3. Entitlements based on University Card status

Facility full retired postgrad undergrad cardholder virtual club/society leaver
Primary Oxford SSO account  (1) yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Central Mailbox yes yes yes yes no no yes no (6)
Linux shell account yes yes yes yes no no yes no
Web space ( yes yes yes yes no no yes no email address (2) yes FS only yes yes yes no no no (6)
Delegated access to a Nexus mailbox yes yes yes yes no no no no
Delegated access to a Sharepoint site yes yes yes yes yes yes no no
Remote Access account (eduroam, wireless) yes yes yes yes no (8) no no no
IT Services Courses yes yes yes yes no no n/a no
Weblearn yes yes yes yes yes yes no yes
OxFile yes yes yes yes no no no no
Own a mailing list yes yes yes no no no yes no
Project account (3) yes no yes no no no no no
TSM backup yes no yes no no no no no (4) n/a FR only n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Site-licenced software licenced for staff Limited (5) licenced for students licenced for students no no no no
Register an external email address yes yes yes yes yes yes (7) no yes
Access SOLO yes yes yes yes yes yes no no
Access e-journals yes yes yes yes no no no no

1. The Primary Oxford SSO username is used to identify you in other systems. It is never issued to anyone else.

2.The email address is considered to be 'owned' by the unit. A unit authorizes IT Services to issue an email address when the unit affiliation is added to  a user's record. Email addresses may be re-issued, once it is safe to do so.

3. Project accounts can be created for a function or role,  and the account can be passed to the next incumbent.

4. @retired is allocated automatically to anyone with an 'FR' status card.

5. FS/FR (retirees) are entitled to acquire the following software licences: Sophos, VPN, EndNote, SPSS and NVivo. Unfortunately we are unable to provide licences for any Microsoft products.

6. If leavers have forwarding or vacation set up on their mail account, these will work for three months after Card expiry.

7. Registered email addresses for Virtual Access will get transfered automatically to GSS (the Graduate Supervision System).

8. Students on a Common Award programme are eliglble to have a Remote Access account.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 28 July 2016