Update your software

Software Updates

Why install updates?

  • Computers that are not fully updated are much more at risk of being infected with computer viruses and other unwanted software.
  • Infected computers pose a risk to the University and are therefore likely to be disconnected from the University Network.

Recently the University Security Team dealt with around 1,500 infected computers each year, of which around half were designed to steal personal data, banking details and passwords.

The main vendors and software suppliers regularly release security patches and free upgrades to their software. These are usually provided because a vulnerability has been found in the software, which puts your computer and its data at risk from hackers. Set your computer to check for the latest patches and upgrades automatically.

Email security

Microsoft and Apple never send out system updates as email attachments. Anything in email that appears to be a Mac or Windows system update is almost certainly an attempt to give you a virus and should be deleted.

Other Sources of Information

  •  Contact your IT staff (or the IT Services Help Centre) for advice.



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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 December 2014