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IT Support Staff Services (ITS3)

Title of service: IT Support Staff Services (ITS3)

Status of Document: This document lists and describes the services offered by ITS3

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1. Introduction

IT Support Staff Services (ITS3) serves as a two-way channel for communication between IT Services and the approximately 650 IT Support Staff (ITSS) in the Colleges and departments of the collegiate University. It works closely with all parts of IT Services, particularly the Service Desk teams and Support Centres, in order to provide fast-track access to those facilities. It monitors closely the work of the many IT Services department and college reps and strives always to keep the interests of the distributed IT Support Staff high up its priority list.

ITS3's work is particularly relevant to the following parts of IT Services' mission:

  • to promote resource and skill-sharing through effective communication throughout the University IT community.
  • to contribute to the University's wide range of IT training and relevant training resources.

ITS3 supports distributed ITSS by providing central resources and organisation. ITS3 aims to foster community and sharing of expertise among ITSS and its goal is a spirit among ITSS of being part of a large team supporting the whole University rather than many individuals working in isolation. This is achieved by close working with the IT Support Staff Group and by organising the annual IT Support Staff Conference and the IT Suppliers Exhibition, along with many other ITSS events.

2. Summary of IT Services’ Responsibilities

Hours of Service

2.1 The service operates 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and on a best-endeavours basis outside of these hours.

Serviceability Targets

2.2 The service aims to repond to all email queries within one working day.

Overview of Service


2.3 works with senior IT Services staff and other members of the University to ensure the interests of ITSS are considered in any relevant decisions and discussions.

2.4 represents ITSS on relevant national and international bodies where appropriate and will recommend to ITSS any conferences that may be of value.

2.5 provides career and personal development advice to ITSS and will either help or refer ITSS to competent bodies in case of employment or other work-related difficulties.

Administration and Support


2.6 maintains a web site and a Wiki, both aimed at ITSS to provide general support tools and internal administration information.

2.7 runs email lists to promote discussion and disseminate information to ITSS, and is also contactable via .

2.8 maintains a list of ITSS telephone contact details and alternative email addresses for use in emergencies

2.9 will communicate with ITSS as effectively as possible during times or planned or unplanned service outage by innovative means such as Twitter and SMS messages.

2.10 will provide technical advice and support on systems provided by ITSS outside of IT Services on a best-endeavours basis. If a fuller service is required or there is an ongoing requirement for support then ITSS may recommend using the services of the NSMS section of IT Services.

2.11 does not have the staff resources regularly to attend ITSS in their own colleges or departments however such visits can be arranged on a case-by-case basis where necessary and feasible.

2.12 has expertise in IT Staff Recruitment and review/appraisal and will provide support and assistance to Colleges and Departments in recruiting IT Staff, including drafting job descriptions and advertisements, grading advice, joining recruitment panels, or providing other IT Services staff for these services.

2.13 is the intermediary for ITSS requiring SSL server certificates from our service providers (Currently JISC and Trend Micro). ITS3 verifies and processes applications from ITSS.

2.14 deals with copyright infringement notices caused by copyrighted material on peer-to-peer programs on users' computers. ITS3 contacts ITSS for the offending users and manages cleanup, removal of service blocks, and administrative fees.

2.15 collaborates with other parts of IT Services to provide a set of online tools for ITSS to assist in managing their users

2.16 collaborates with other parts of IT Services and the Information Securit Team to assist ITSS in dealing with specific security issues and planned upgrades, network changes etc.

2.17 Administers the group membership scheme for Oxford University of the British Computer Society.

Education & Training.


2.18 maintains a central source of information about training and events relevant to IT Support Staff and provides regular email bulletins to ITSS as appropriate.

2.19 organises training courses for ITSS provided in-house and bought in from external trainers. These courses are run on a cost-recovery basis so inclur a charge but represent a much cheaper option for ITSS than attending training outside Oxford and incurring travel, board and subsistence expenses.

2.20 hosts update seminars from IT Suppliers several times per term and deliver technical seminars of interest to ITSS, particularly when new products or technologies become available.

2.21 delivers ITSS seminars and updates on any new services from IT Services, or impending changes to them, in advance.

2.22 disseminates, to ITSS, information about any changes to University Regulations, IT Services provided by other parts of the University, or to UK legislation (e.g Data Protection, Freedom of Information etc.)

2.23 facilitates communication between IT Services technical experts and distributed ITSS.

2.24 runs termly induction seminars to inform new ITSS about the services available to them from IT Services and of structure, governance and strategic IT arrangements in the wider the Collegiate University.

2.25 organises, on behalf of The ICT Forum, an annual conference for IT Support Staff in the summer and an annual IT Suppliers Exhibition in the winter.

3. Summary of Clients' responsibilities

3.1 ITSS are required to register on the IT Support Staff Register before they may use ITS3’s services.

3.2 ITSS are required to abide by the University IT Regulations and to comply with any relevant legislation.

3.3 ITS3 strives to be courteous, polite and efficient to all its customers at all times and expects the same from them in return.

4. Premium Services


4.1 Will rent laptops to ITSS to cover urgent need for example to temporarily replace damaged or faulty machines or to support conferences. A printer and networking equipment (including wireless) are also available at reasonable charges.

4.2 Will undertake IT reviews for departments, divisions or colleges. This service will be charged at the standard NSMS hourly rate and has its own service level description


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 December 2017