Beyond Walls - Oxford University Podcasting Conference


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April 3rd 2009, Said Business School, University of Oxford

Audio and video recordings of the talks from this event and related discussions are available on the Steeple project website


Time Speaker and Subject
09:00-9.45 Early Bird Session "What makes a good Podcast?" with Graham F X McElearney and Andrew Middleton from Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield University
09:30-10:00 Registration Opens, Coffee and Tea available
10:00-10:05 Welcome to Beyond Walls 2009
10:05-10:35 New Channels to New Learners: Podcasting and the Open University. Peter Scott, The Open University
10:35-11:05 The Challenges and Opportunities in Podcasting at a Research University. Peter Robinson, University of Oxford
11:05-11:20 Podcasting People: Stories and experiences from real life podcasters
11:20-11:30 Q & A: Why Podcast for learning?
11:30-11:45 BREAK, Coffee and Tea available
11:45-12:05 User studies from Osnabruck. Markus Kettrl
12:05-12:25 Future needs and mobile multimedia with Erewhon. Tim Fernando, University of Oxford
12:25-12:45 Under the bonnet: Technical considerations in running Open University Podcasting. Ben Hawkridge, The Open University
12:45-13:45 LUNCH, Buffet in the Said Business School Foyer
13:45-14:05 Can you hear me now? How to get your videos into UK secondary education. Bjoern Hassler, Cambridge University
14:05-14:25 John Hickey, Apple
14:25-14:45 The OpenCast Community Project. Olaf Schulte, ETH Zurich
14:45-15:00 BREAK, Water and walkabout
15:00-16:00 Panel Discussion, Q & A
The Panel:
  • Peter Scott, Director of KMi - Open University
  • Paul Gerhardt - Archives for Creativity
  • Lynne O'Brien, Director of Instructional Technology - Duke University
  • Olaf Schulte, ETH Zurich
  • Laura James, CARET - Cambridge University
16:00-16:15 The Steeple Project and going forward
16:30-17:15 Community gatherings and discussions, open to all who are interested


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