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Papers and Presentations

ITSS induction: Network Security
Mark Duller (Slides: David Ford), OUCS
PGP Whole Disk Encryption Project
Mark Duller, ICTF Conference July 5th, 2012
Flashback Briefing
David Ford, Flashback briefing April 2012
CMS Security
David Ford, Web Masters' event April 2012
ITSS Pre-Term Roundup Slides, ITSS Pre-Term Roundup Notes
Jonathan Ashton, OUCS, September 2011
SQL Injection, ICTF Conference Workshop: Part 2
David Ford, ICTF Conference 2011
ISBP, ICTF Conference Workshop: Part 1
Mark Duller, ICTF Conference 2011
The Darknet Mesh Project
David Ford, FIRST Conference June 2011
Single Page Summary of OxCERT activities
David Ford, Meeting of NREN CERTs, FIRST Conference June 2011
A summary of Oxford's incident response process
David Ford, Meeting of NREN CERTs, FIRST Conference June 2011
Effective use of Snort on Large Networks
David Ford, JANET CSIRT Conference, 20th October 2010
Incident Response In A Collegiate University
David Ford, FIRST TC (Hamburg), 26th January 2010
An Introduction to NAT Logging
David Ford, ICTF Conference, 15 July 2009
Dealing With Blocked Machines: A guide for help centre staff
Jonathan Ashton, 08 July 2009
Using Argus to analyse network flows
David Ford, ITSS Lunchtime Seminar, 6 July 2009
Liasing with CERT Teams and Logging
David Ford, UK HEP System Managers Meeting, 2 July 2009
Using Argus and Postgres to analyse network flows for security
David Ford, Networkshop 37, Cambridge, 1 April 2009. Video available
Investigating Compromised Windows Machines: A guide to getting router blocks lifted
Jonathan Ashton and David Ford, ICTF Conference, 16 July 2008
Checking Microsoft Windows Systems for Signs of Compromise
Simon Baker, Patrick Green, Thomas Meyer, Garaidh Cochrane; updated Aug. 2014
Checking UNIX/LINUX Systems for Signs of Compromise
Simon Baker (UCL Computer Security Team) and Patrick Green; updated Aug. 2014


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