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Email Relay Statistics

These graphs show the rates at which certain events are occurring in the mail relay service. The stats are gathered for use by the Network Support and Development (NSD) Team and are made publically viewable for interest only.

This is not an official service and may break at any time. However, please feel free to let us know if it has broken at

1. Overall

A message which is accepted for onward relay.
Measures deliveries to recipients. A single message may have more than one recipient.
A message which is rejected at SMTP time. You can also see a breakdown of rejection types.

2. Sources

These graphs show the rate of messages being accepted from inside and outside the University

3. Junk

A message which scores fewer than 5 SpamAssassin points.
A message which scores 5 or more SpamAssassin points.
A message which matches one of our ClamAV rules. There is also a breakdown of malware.

4. Malware

Only the most popular malware for each time period is plotted. Signatures from ClamAV and Sanesecurity are used.

5. Rejections

Only the most popular rejection types for each time period are graphed.

6. Nodes

These graphs show the delivery rates for each node in the mail relay cluster.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 6 December 2017