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Wireless Availability

1. Wireless network coverage in departments and colleges

A number of departments and colleges run the OWL and eduroam services, as shown in the table below. OWL-VPN and OWL-VISITOR are legacy services and are being phased out. Please note that due to the nature of wireless dispersion, a wireless signal may propagate beyond the boundaries of a specific location.


Location Service Details
All Souls OWL, eduroam Most areas including Codrington Library
Balliol College OWL, eduroam Common Rooms, Office and Library
Begbroke Science Park OWL-VISITOR Conference rooms and other areas
Biochemistry OWL, eduroam All areas
Bodleian Law Library OWL-VPN St. Cross Building, Manor Road
Bodleian Library OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR Lower Camera, Upper Camera
Bodleian (New) Library OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR New Bodleian Reading Room, Special Collections Reading Room
Computing Services OWL, eduroam Public areas
Corpus Christi OWL, eduroam Main Library, English Room, Rainolds Room, Seminar Room, Fraenkel Room, MCR, JCR
Earth Sciences OWL, eduroam Main building, all floors
Engineering, Thom Building OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR Reception Area, Lecture Rooms, Library
Engineering, Holder Building OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR Common Room
Engineering, Jenkin OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR All areas
Engineering, Osney OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR All areas
English Faculty Library OWL-VPN St. Cross Building, Manor Road
Exeter College OWL, eduroam All areas
Experimental Psychology Library OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR  
Green College OWL-VPN  
Harris Manchester College OWL, eduroam Public areas
Information Engineering Building OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR  
Institute of Molecular Medicine OWL-VPN John Radcliffe Hospital
International Development (Queen Elizabeth House) OWL, eduroam Mansfield Road site
John Radcliffe Hospital OWL-VPN Cairns Library
Kellogg College OWL, eduroam All areas
Lady Margaret Hall OWL, eduroam Public areas
Law Faculty OWL, eduroam St Cross Building - main entrance / public areas, lecture rooms, the Cube
Lincoln College OWL, eduroam Public areas
Magdalen College OWL, eduroam Site coverage details
Mansfield College OWL, eduroam Common Rooms, Libraries and Conference Facilities
Merton College eduroam All College Precinct / Hollywell Annexe A, B, C blocks
Nuffield College OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR All areas
O.U. Centre for the Environment OWL, eduroam OUCE Reception
Oriel OWL, eduroam Music Room, Harris Lecture Theatre, Harris Seminar Room, Basil Mitchell Room, Sanders Room, MacGregor Room, JCR & JCR Annexe, MCR, Bar, Staircase 6 Room 1, Library
Pathology OWL, eduroam EPA Building - Communal Areas, Library, Cafe and EPA Laboratories
Plant Sciences OWL, eduroam Common Room and Computer Teaching Lab
Pharmacology OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR Main building, all floors
Queen's College OWL, eduroam Public areas
Regent's Park College OWL, eduroam All areas
Said Business School OWL, eduroam Public areas
Social Studies Library OWL-VPN Laptop Study Area
St Antony's College OWL, eduroam Founder's Building seminar rooms, Ground floor of the Hilda Besse Building, Gulbenkian Room, RESC Library Reading Room
St Antony's College OWL European Studies Centre ground floor
St Catherine's College OWL, eduroam Coverage map unavailable at present.
St Cross College OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR Common Room, Library, College Bar, Ian Skipper Room, St Cross Room, Caroline Miles Room, Annexe Common Room
St Hilda's College OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR Library, Jacqueline du Pre building
St Hugh's College OWL, eduroam Public areas
St John's College OWL-VPN MCR
St Peter's College OWL, eduroam Dorfman Room, Miles Room, Davis Room, Theberge Room, Latner Room, JCR, MCR, Library
Statistics OWL, eduroam 1 & 2 South Parks Road, The Peter Medawar Building, OCGF
Taylor Institution Library OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR Main Library, Basement
Taylor Modern Languages Faculty Library OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR  
Trinity College OWL, eduroam College Library
Rothermere American Institute OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR Vere Harmsworth Library
Wadham College OWL, eduroam All areas
Wolfson College OWL, eduroam Library, H-block
Zoology OWL-VPN, OWL-VISITOR Level B Seating Areas, Level C Concourse, Darwin's restaurant and patio area

2. Wireless coverage in medical buildings

Various hospitals, medical centres and primary trusts associated with the University are now covered by the wireless network. These sites are detailed below:

John Radcliffe Hospital:

  • West Wing
  • Children’s Hospital
  • JR2 building
  • JR1 building
  • Trauma Centre
  • Academic Building
  • MH
  • MHA
  • Stable Block
  • Cardiac Hospital
  • AVIC
  • Osler Lodge
  • ECS
  • OHIS Portacabin (Training)
  • Anaesthetics Portacabin
  • MRI

Churchill Hospital:

  • Cancer Hospital
  • Renal Unit
  • Urology\ Jack Thomas Ward
  • Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism
  • Harrison Clinic
  • Osler Chest Unit
  • Sobell House
  • Pharmacy
  • Dermatology
  • CRS Portacabin
  • Ward 7
  • OHIS Block
  • Pathology
  • Divisional A Mgmt
  • Restaurant

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre:

  • Whole site (excluding Botnar Building)


  • Main Hospital
  • Maternity Building

Primary Care Trusts (Note: Community Hospitals not full coverage yet but wireless coverage in most clinical\admin areas)

  • Bicester Hospital
  • Bicester Victoria House
  • Kirtlington
  • Chipping Norton
  • Didcot Hospital
  • Wallingford Hospital
  • Raglan House
  • Witney Hospital
  • Townlands Hospital
  • Abingdon Hospital
  • Jubilee House
  • Cuffas Lea House
  • EOHC
  • Wantage Hospital
  • Isis Pony Road
  • Astral house
  • Orchard Health Centre

Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust (OLDT):

  • Slade
  • Bourton House

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (OBMT):

  • Littlemore
  • Warneford
  • Park (Boundry Brook House)
  • Fulbrook
  • Nuffield Health Centre
  • Fiennes
  • Rectory Road
  • Kennington Pharmacy
  • Intrac House
  • Bicester Julia Centre


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