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Connecting to Eduroam via Nokia n810

1. Introduction

The following instructions apply to to using the Eduroam wireless service on Nokia n810 Internet Tablet with the OS2008 software and updates. If you have general questions or need other assistance, contact

  1. Firstly, you will need to tell the device to trust the AddTrust External CA Root for wireless access (this may already be set by default). From the applications menu, select [Settings] then [Control Panel].
  2. Launch the [Certificate Manager], and then Select the [Authorities] tab
  3. Scroll down until you find AddTrust External CA Root, and select View.
  4. You should see details of the AddTrust External CA Root certificate. Select the Trust button.
  5. Select the check box to indicate that you trust the AddTrust External CA Root for use with WLAN, then hit the OK, then Close.
  6. Return to the [Applications] menu and select [Settings] then [Connection Manager].
  7. Load the menu (the button is at the left of the tab headed "Connection Manager"), then select [Tools] and then [Connectivity Settings].
  8. Hit Connections, then New. The connection setup wizard should launch.
  9. Tap Next. You will see a pop-up dialog box asking you if you want to scan existing networks; say 'no'. Name the Connection (eg eduroam) and select the Connection Type as WLAN using the radio button.

    Hit Next.

  10. Under the "Connection Setup: WLAN" tab
    1. Fill in the SSID as eduroam
    2. The Network mode is Infrastructure
    3. The Security mode is WPA with EAP

    Then press Next.

  11. Under the "Connection Setup: WPA with EAP" tab, select the EAP method as PEAP

    Then press Next.

  12. Under the "Connection Setup: WPA with EAP PEAP" tab, select
    1. Certificate as None
    2. EAP method as EAP MSCHAPv2
  13. You will be prompted for a username and password; Enter your Remote Access account username followed by and your Remote Access account password (as set via

    Then press Next.

  14. On the "Connection Setup: Complete" tab select Advanced.
  15. On the "Connection Setup: Advanced" tab, select the "EAP" tab and input your remote access account name followed by @OX.AC.UK.
  16. Hit OK, then Finish, and close the dialog boxes.
  17. Now tap the fan-shaped connection icon at the top of the screen and choose [Select Connection...] from the menu that appears. Select the eduroam connection you have just created, and press Connect.

Users must abide by the Regulations Relating to the use of Information Technology Facilities.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 18 October 2017