Connecting to EDUROAM via Microsoft Vista with the Intel Supplicant

1. Introduction

The following instructions apply to using the Eduroam wireless service on Microsoft Vista machines that have the Intel Wireless Supplicant software installed. If you find an error in the instructions, please contact , if you have general questions or need other assistance, contact

  1. Select [Start] and then [Control Panel] (in [Contorl Panel Home] view).
  2. Under [Network and Internet], click on [Connect to the Internet].
  3. The "connect to the internet" panel should appear, double click on [wireless]
  4. On the "Select a network to connect to" screen, click on [Eduroam] and select Connect
  5. The next screen asks you for the login credentials for the connection.
  6. The screen will now change to a second step, requesting certificate details.

    In this window the Validate Server Certificate box needs to be checked and AddTrust External CA Root should be selected from the list. Once done, click on Next.

  7. On the next screen ensure that Save this network and Start this connection automatically are both checked and then click Next.
  8. You should now be connected to eduroam.

Users must abide by the user use agreement a copy of which is available at:

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014