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OWL for University members using VPN with MacOS X 10.4

Mac OS X has a builtin wireless networking configuration tool that should allow use of our service with just the additional VPN client software. The following steps assume that you are using an Apple Airport wireless card in your computer.

When you are within range of an OWL access point and your wireless adaptor is active, a mouse click on the Airport Menu Bar icon will reveal the following options:

You need to select the OWL-VPN network by clicking once on its name. After a brief pause, your computer will associate with OWL, and you may see the Airport icon change from grey to black:

Load the Cisco VPN client software and connect to OUCS using your Remote Access username and password.

You now have a connection to the University network and the Internet, and can access all resources as if you were at a University desktop location.

If you're going to be connecting regularly, it may be worth installing a Location for OWL that you simply select whenever you're in the OUCS building:

Locations are configured within the [Network] section of your [System Preferences] dialog. It is important that you configure the network to use DHCP.

Please be aware that there have been some reports of an open bug in the OS causing a kernel panic in dual processer machines running OSX 10.4. When this happens you'll get a screen saying "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button..."

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014