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OWL for University members using VPN with Windows XP SP1

Windows XP has a wireless networking configuration tool that should allow use of our service with just the additional VPN client software. Your wireless network adaptor vendor may recommend using their own configuration tool instead, in which case you must configure that appropriately, following the the generic parameters.

The first time you are within range of an OWL access point and your wireless adaptor is active, the following balloon will appear:


Click on the balloon to see the following window. Make sure the OWL network is selected, then check the box and click Connect. Although Windows may warn you that this network is insecure, we will of course be using the VPN software to encrypt your data.


After a brief pause, you should now see the following balloon on your system tray:


Load the Cisco VPN client software and connect to IT Services using your Remote Access username and password.

You now have a connection to the University network and the Internet, and can access all resources as if you were at a University desktop location.

If you are having difficulty connecting to the VPN server, you should check that Windows has configured your wireless network correctly. First, select [Start] then [Control Panel], followed by the [Network Connection] icon. You may have to select the option to switch to Classic View

Right click on the [Wireless Network Connection] icon and select [Status] from the popup list. Click the [Support] tab and you should see something similar to the following. The numbers may be slighly different, but the important thing is that your IP Address: begins with the numbers 172.17. If it does not, then click the Repair button to obtain a new IP address.


You might also like to check the wireless security settings. Right click on the [Wireless Network Connection] icon in the Control Panel and select [Properties] from the popup list.

Select the [Wireless Networks] tab, and unless your client adaptor vendor advises otherwise, make sure the Use Windows to configure my wireless network option is ticked. If this option was not ticked, then select it and click OK, then repeat the last two steps. The window should look similar to the following:


Select the top OWL entry and click the Configure button to the right. Make sure that the window that appears is set up in the same way as that below:



Written by IT Services. Latest revision 18 October 2017