Using an IMAP email client with Nexus Exchange

If you wish to connect to Nexus Exchange using an IMAP email client (for either your primary mailbox or a project account with SSO that you'd like to connect as an additional mailbox in your client), please use the information below. Which details you require, and where you add them, depends on the email program you are using but the settings should work for most IMAP clients without issue.

If you need further information or help, contact your local IT support staff or the IT Services Help Centre.

For information about IMAP please see the Getting Started section of the Email FAQ.

IMAP Settings

IMAP Server name should be set to

For a primary mailbox (your own mailbox)

Username should be set to abcd0000                                                                           (where abcd0000 is your SSO username)

For a secondary (Project) mailbox you also own

Username should be set to\abcdXXXX                        (where abcd0000 is the users SSO username and abcdXXXX is the project mailbox account “name”)

Set Password to the users SSO password (whichever method you use above)

Make sure that SSL is enabled (port 993)

Additional settings (required in some IMAP environments):

  • Security setting: SSL or TLS (If you chose port 143 above instead of 993, then STARTTLS may be the option available which will work).
  • Email address: Your Oxford address, for example
  • Authentication method: Normal Password


SMTP Settings

SMTP Server should be set to

Username to abcd0000                                                                                 (where abcd0000 is the user's SSO username)

Set password to the user's SSO password

Make sure that SSL is enabled (port 587)

Additional settings (required in some IMAP client environments:

  • Security setting: STARTTLS or SSL/TLS
  • Email address: Your Oxford address, for example
  • Authentication method: Normal Password

PLEASE NOTE! When setting up a new IMAP connection, make a note of where your client puts items such as drafts and sent mail etc as this may vary across each mail program.

The Nexus server locations are as follows:

Drafts Mailbox:                 Drafts

Sent Mailbox:                    Sent Items

Deleted Mailbox:             Deleted Items

On most email clients you can change these locations on your client to match the above, if you do not do this then messages that you send or delete from one device might end up in a different folder compared with messages from another device or via the web so exercise caution!

PLEASE ALSO NOTE! IMAP connected clients may not be able to use all of the features that an ActiveSync-connected client can. Consult your client program's documentation to check what functionality you will have when connecting using IMAP. 

Accessing the account settings for some popular (older) e-mail clients

These are used as an example of how configuration differs between client programs but should be a close match for your own IMAP client choice. 

  • Mozilla Thunderbird (v31) – Tools, Account Settings…, Account Actions drop down – Add Mail Account… OR Options, Account Settings…
  • Pegasus Mail v4.7 (PMail), - Tools, IMAP Profiles…, New…
  • Eudora OSE (the new name for Eudora/Eudora Pro) – Tools, Account Settings…, Account Actions drop down – Add Mail Account…

Screenshots for common programs, to assist with filling in the above settings.

Mozilla Thunderbird

In the main menu, select Tools and Account Settings, OR Options and Account Settings

Mozilla Thunderbird, Tools etc

Then Account Actions drop down, then Add Mail Account

Mozilla Thunderbird, Account Actions

Now fill in your details

Moxilla Thunderbird, Mail Account Setup

Eudora OSE

In the menu, select Tools, then Account Settings

Eudora OSE, Tools and Account Settings

Then Account Actions drop down, then Add Mail Account...

Eudora OSE, Account Settings

Now fill in your details

Eudora OSE, Mail Account Setup


Pegasus Mail

Go to Tools then IMAP Profiles...

Pegasus Mail, Tools and IMAP Profiles

Then select New...

Pegasus Mail, Manage IMAP Profiles

Then fill in your details.

Pegasus Mail, IMAP Mailbox Settings

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 2 December 2016