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Outlook IMAP


This guide explains how to set up Outlook 2003 to access your Nexus account using an IMAP connection.

Please note these instructions will allow you to access email but not shared calendars, shared folders or the shared address book. If you want to use sharing features you should configure your account to use the Exchange Server. See Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 for Exchange.

Configuring Outlook to use IMAP will allow you to use Outlook's built-in calendar and address book, but as they will be stored on your local computer, you will be unable to share them with colleagues over the network.

1. When you first open Outlook 2003, it will open the Outlook 2003 Startup wizard. In the first window, simply click Next to proceed.


2. Select Yes and click Next to commence account configuration.


3. For the purposes of configuring Outlook as an email client only as illustrated in this guide, select IMAP from the list of server types and click Next.


4. You will now be required to enter a variety of details. Next to Your Name, enter your name as you would like it to appear in any messages you send. Next to E-mail Address, type in your Nexus email address. Next to Incoming mail server (IMAP) you should type and Outgoing mail server (SMTP) you need to enter Under Logon Information, User Name requires you to enter your Single Sign-On username as provided by IT Services in the format abcd1234. Password requires you to enter your Single Sign-On password. If you enter your password here, Remember password will be ticked by default. Please note that this will enable anyone who obtains physical access to your computer to access all your emails. For added security, do not enter a password and Outlook will prompt you to enter it each time you access your email. Click on More Settings... to configure additional settings without which your Nexus account will not work.


5. On the General tab, Mail Account requires you to enter a name by which to refer to your email account. This is for your own use only, so enter something that makes sense to you. In the example below, OUCS Nexus has been used. Click on the Outgoing Server tab near the top of the window to configure further settings.

6. Tick the box next to My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. The programme automatically selects Use same settings as my incoming mail server, which is correct. Click on the Advanced tab near the top of the window.


7. Tick the box next to This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) under both Incoming server (IMAP) and Outgoing server (SMTP). Click on OK to accept all settings.


8. The final screen merely requires you to click on Finish. Outlook 2003 should now be ready to use as an email client with your Nexus account.



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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 18 October 2017