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Thunderbird 5 - incoming server settings

Thunderbird is now on a rapid cycle of development by the Mozilla group. This means that new versions will be released regularly during the year. We recommend that users of older versions of Thunderbird upgrade to the latest release. The short notes below apply to Thunderbird 5. A more complete guide to installing Thunderbird and configuring for Nexus connectivity will appear in due course.

  1. Download and install version 5 of Thunderbird from
  2. If you have upgraded from a previous version your settings should enable you to connect to Nexus without further issue.
  3. If you have been asked to change your server settings because you are using an old Herald address ( then:
    1. Open Thunderbird 5 and from the side panel click on the name of your Nexus folder
    2. The main panel will now show heading such as Email, Accounts, and Advanced Features:
    3. From the Accounts options choose [View Settings for this Account]
    4. The Account Settings page opens:
    5. Choose [Server Settings] from the left panel for your Nexus account. They will now be shown to you
    6. Change the name of the server from to
    7. Save the changes by clicking OK
    8. Thunderbird will now be using the correct server when connecting to Nexus.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014