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Configuring Windows Live Mail

'Windows Live' is a group of social software packages available from Microsoft. These include MSN messenger, photo sharing and a mail client called Windows Live Mail. This client can be configured for use with Nexus as follows:

  1. Once the program has been installed onto your machine, you need to open it from your start menu. [Start] > [All Programs] >[ Windows Live] > [Windows Live Mail]
  2. The first time you run the program it opens the Add a new email account dialogue box.
  3. Fill in the appropriate details for your Nexus email account. We recommend that you do not save your password so untick the Remember Password checkbox and press the Next button.
  4. A new box opens where you need to change some details and add others.

    Change the dropdown option for My incoming mail server is from [POP3] to [IMAP].

  5. In the Incoming server field type Tick the This server requires a secure connection (SSL) checkbox. Check that the Logon ID is set to your SSO account username. For the Outgoing server information type in You should also tick the This server requires a secure connection (SSL) checkbox for the Outgoing server.
  6. Click on the Next

    and then the Finish button to complete the setup process.

  7. You will then see the Logon box if you have not saved your password in step 2. Complete the logon box and click Next/OK
  8. You may see another warning box talking about certificate issues. Click Yes to continue.
  9. A Show/hide IMAP window now opens and displays all of your folders on the server.

    This screen allows you to pick which which folders you want to view in Windows Live Mail. they are all shown by default. If you want to hide any just select a folder name and click on the Hide button to prevent it from displaying. You can show the folder again by simply selecting the folder name and clicking on the Show button.

  10. Once you have chosen which folders to show, click OK. All of your email will be synced with Windows Live Mail client and you can now send and receive email.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014