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BlackBerry How To...

1. backup my data using Desktop Manager?

Launch Desktop Manager and click Backup and Restore:

Use the options button to specify what content should be backed up, and when:

Provide a name for the backup file and browse to where it should be saved.


Then click save A progress indicator will appear. Wait until it has finished.

2. restore data using Desktop Manager?

Launch Desktop Manager and click Backup and Restore:

Click restore:

Browse to your backup file and click open.

You will then have an opportunity to check that the data being restored is correct.

If you are happy, click Yes, otherwise click No to cancel.

3. ...upgrade my handheld to a newer version of the O.S.?

Click [Application Loader]

Click [Start] under Update Software

Follow the instructions on screen.

4. ...use Remote Search ?

While viewing your messages on the BlackBerry click to display the menu, and then select [Search].

Change the [Search Type] from [Local] to [Remote]

A search can be performed with the following criteria:

  • Subject or message body
  • Folder - any folder within your mailbox, including Sent items and Deleted Items.
  • Name utilising the From, To, Cc, or Bcc fields
  • Read status all messages or all unread messages
  • Attachment with or without attachments

N.B. BlackBerry Device Software 4.5 or later is required to perform a remote search. Only one search can be performed at one time. Subsequent searches will replace the currently running search.

5. access the GAL from a BlackBerry?

Create a new email message and type part of a name into the To field.

Then click lookup.

The server will retrieve content from the Global Address List to match your query.

6. access my local contacts on a BlackBerry?

Outlook contacts are synchronised with the BlackBerry and can be accessed and edited via the Contacts icon.

The contacts within this list will also appear as suggestions when you are typing in a recipients email address in the To field.

7. view whether PIM sync is enabled on a BlackBerry?

Personal Information Management (PIM) data includes tasks, memos, contacts, and calendar entries. PIM synchronisation ensures that the entries on your BlackBerry device and your desktop e-mail client are identical. When PIM synchronisation is enabled, these items are automatically synchronised wirelessly. PIM synchronisation can be turned on or off for each type of PIM data independently.

To verify PIM synchronisation status:

  • On the Home screen, click the PIM category (Contacts shown here).
  • Click and select [Options]
  • Select [Desktop]
  • The [Wireless Synchronisation] option will then be visible. Click to change the setting (Yes to enable wireless PIM synchronization and No to disable it).
  • Click and select Save.
  • Press the Back button to return to the home screen.

8. perform Enterprise Activation?

N.B. Enterprise Activation is only possible if your mobile telephony contract is BES-enabled. Most personal contracts are BIS-enabled (only supporting your operators messaging service). You will also require an activation password prior to activation; the password is issued once you have purchased the licence to use the Nexus BlackBerry service from the IT Services shop.

On new BlackBerries there may be a shortcut to Enterprise Activation on the Home screen.

If not, click [Options]

(or [Settings], dependent on the theme) Click [advanced options] and then [Enterprise Activation].

In the email field, type your university email address. Note: pressing space will type an @ and subsequent presses will type . to make it easier to enter your address). On the password field, enter the password you were given. Bear in mind that passwords expire if not used for activation within 48 hours. Click and select [activate]. You should allow at least an hour for activation although it may well finish sooner. You do not have to wait for the BlackBerry to tell you activation is completed and can use it in the meantime.

9. use Desktop Manager to synchronise other email into Nexus?

The Desktop Manager can be used to synchronise third party email and content into Nexus. Please bear in mind that any mis-configuration or data loss from systems not controlled by IT Services will be at your own risk.

10. view the firmware and O.S. level on a BlackBerry?

From the Home screen, click [Options] (or [Settings], dependent on theme).

Click [About ]and version information will be displayed. For best service, support and feature-availability we recommend the use of a device running v4.5 or higher.

Clicking again will display information about other installed software before returning you to the [options] menu.

11. check what folders the BES synchronises for me?

Launch Desktop Manager and click [Email Settings]. You will then see the following screen:

Click [Choose folders]. A pop-up window will allow you to select which folders from within your mailbox are reproduced on your BlackBerry.

12. view my Mailbox folders on a BlackBerry?

Open the Email icon and click [View Folder].

A list of available folders will appear, from which you can select.

N.B. Only folders which you have selected to be synchronised will show content

13. Turning on Out Of Office (also known as ‘Out Of Facility’ or OOF) via a BlackBerry

Use the following instructions to set your out-of-office reply using your Blackberry:

  1. Open your Messages folder to view email, then click the button.
  2. In the menu that appears, select [Options]:
  3. Then select [Email Settings]:
  4. In the section Use Out Of Office Reply, change the selection from [No] to [Yes]:
  5. Your last-used Out-Of-Office message will now be visible, or you’ll see an empty space in which to enter a new message:
  6. Enter (or edit) the text appropriately, then exit the menu. At the prompt, select Save to retain and activate your new Out-Of-Office message:

14. get older Calendar items from my mailbox on my BlackBerry?

From within the calendar, click and select [Options].

Select [General Options] then, under [Keep appointments] select a longer date-range.

15. know if my Nexus Email and PIM data will synchronise when I am overseas?

This is dependent upon:

  • Your contract with your telephone operator
  • The model of BlackBerry you are using.
  • The capabilities of the mast to which you're connected

You must, as a minimum, enable international roaming which will allow you to make calls. But, in addition, you will need to ensure that your data-plan is also available when roaming on another operators network.

Bear in mind that not all BlackBerry models will work in all countries. For the widest possible coverage you need a quad-band model which will support the different radio frequencies in use in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

The frequencies in use are:

  • 850 MHz: North and South America (except the North and West of Brazil)
  • 900 MHz: Africa, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Asia (except Japan, South Korea)
  • 1800 MHz: Africa, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Asia
  • 1900 MHz: North and South America (except the South and East of Brazil)

Most basic phones sold in the UK support only the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz wavelengths. Only if your model is tri-band or quad-band can you be confident of widespread international coverage.

GSM coverage is sufficient only to make calls. However to synchronise data, the mast to which you are connected must also support a data connection AND your roaming contract must permit it to establish a link.

Your BlackBerry will show the connection type on its screen. The connection types (listed from slowest to fastest) are

  • GPRS (also known as 2.5G)
  • EDGE (also known as 2.75G)
  • 3G

16. troubleshoot a failure of my BlackBerry to connect (failure at the Enterprise Activation Stage)?

Check the following items before logging a ticket:

  • Has your BlackBerry Activation Password expired? It is valid for 48 hours from when it was first obtained, unless you have been told otherwise.
  • Are you out of range? Your BlackBerry must have a data signal (GPRS, 3G or EDGE) with at least two bars to be confident of a stable connection during activation.
  • Do your anti-spam settings block or forward email messages from Research In Motion? Activation sends an email to your account (with a .DAT attachment) which contains configuration data. If this message cannot be delivered, activation will fail.
  • Do you have any corrupted contact entries? There are reports that contacts which are not fully populated, with both a Firstname and Lastname entry, can cause problems synchronising the Address Book.
  • Is the operating system on your BlackBerry sufficiently current? Version 4.0 or higher should be considered a minimum.
  • Does your contract with your telecom firm include the correct data plan? You must have a BES enabled data plan (not the more-common BIS enabled plan) with your carrier.

17. find out what the Desktop Manager is used for?

Research In Motion provide documentation and a download link for the Desktop Manager software (available for both Windows and Macintosh clients).

The software manages the link between your BlackBerry and your computer, allowing you to backup, restore and upgrade your device. It also offers a facility to better manage what information is replicated from Nexus (specifying which inbox subfolders to synchronise for example) and to install or remove third party applications.

If you select a version including the Media Manager it can also synchronise music and other media files converting the format if necessary to ensure playback is possible.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 18 October 2017