Configuring Outlook 2010 for Nexus using IMAP

Outlook 2010 is usually configured to work with Nexus using the Outlook auto-discovery service to configure an Exchange connection. This configuration provides access to your emails, tasks, calendar etc. However, some users may wish to operate Outlook 2010 as an email-only client using IMAP. This guide covers how to manually configure an IMAP connection in Outlook 2010. If you want to configure Outlook 2010 using auto-discovery, please follow the configuring Outlook 2010 for Nexus instructions.

  1. Start Outlook 2010. ([Start] > [All Programs] > [Microsoft Office] > [Outlook 2010])
  2. Click the File tab and then click Add Account (found towards the top with a green plus sign in front of it).
  3. Select the Manually configure server settings or additional server types radio button and click Next.
  4. On the next screen select Internet E-mail and then click Next again.
  5. Enter the settings as shown in the image below, substituting your name and email address, your username for abcd1234, and your password for ********. Then click More Settings.
  6. Click the Advanced tab and change the settings to match the image below:
  7. Click the Outgoing Server tab and change the settings to match the image below:
  8. Click OK and then Next. Provided your password is correct Outlook should set up the IMAP account for you.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014