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Configuring Outlook 2013

IMPORTANT: We are currently in the process of moving the University’s centrally managed (Nexus) email and calendaring service to the cloud-based, Microsoft Office 365 service (Nexus365). If your account has been migrated you should now use the Nexus365 support pages where you will find help and advice on using the new service.


On this page:

1. First Time Configuration

  1. After you have installed Microsoft Office on your PC, select Outlook 2013 from Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office 2013, Outlook 2013
  2. The Welcome to Microsoft Outlook 2013 dialogue opens:

Click on the Next button to continue

  1. The Microsoft Outlook Account Setup screen opens. Select the Yes and click on Next

  1. The Add Account setup screen opens:

You now need to add in the following information:

  • Your preferred name
  • Your email address
  • Your Oxford Account (Single Sign-on) password
  1. Once you have added the account information the Next button will become clickable. Click on the Next button to start the auto-configuration of your account
  2. Outlook auto-discovery service will now search for your account details on Nexus:

  1. A warning box will appear asking if you will allow website to configure your account. Click on the Allow button to continue

  1. A login box now appears which is partially completed.

However, the information shown will be wrong. You need to type in your username in the form of Then type in your Oxford Account (Single Sign-on) password

  1. The auto-discovery service will now access your details and, once done, will show that the process has been successful:

  1. Click on the Finish button to complete the wizard.

2. Add a new profile

In some instances you may find it useful to have more than one profile setup for use with Outlook. This is particularly useful if you have other Nexus email accounts that you wish to use separately from your main account or if you have other accounts with alternative suppliers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.). If you wish to see all your Nexus accounts under one profile see 3. Running multiple Nexus mailboxes under one profile. To add another profile:

  1. Open Mail in Windows Control Panel via Start, Control Panel, Mail

N.B. Windows 7 and 8 users may need to do a search inside their Control Panel to find the Mail icon as it’s not normally shown

  1. The Mail Setup - Outlook screen opens

  1. Select Show Profiles… button to see a list of current profiles

  1. To create a new profile, click the Add button. A new Profiles dialogue box appears

  1. Type in a name of your choice for the new profile and click OK
  2. The Add New Account setup screen opens:

  1. The set up instructions now follow those given from point 7 of the First Time Configuration instructions

3. Running multiple Nexus mailboxes under one profile

If you have access to more than one Nexus account it is possible to see all of them under a single profile. However you may prefer to use separate profiles for each account instead (see 3. Add a new profile). If you would like to have all your Nexus mailboxes under a single profile then you can either ask Registration about AutoMapping or you can follow this:

  1. Open Outlook and click on the FILE tab in the top left:

  1. The Account Information screen appears. Click on the Accounts and Social Network Settings icon and select Account Settings… from the menu

  1. The Account Settings screen opens. Click on the Change… button:

  1. The Server Settings screen now appears:

Note: it is worth mentioning the new ‘Mail to keep offline’ feature. It can be set to several values. Setting it to ‘All’ will retain everything cached. Setting it to 12 months will only show you the emails for the last 12months.

This setting applies to all the accounts in the profile.

Click on the More Settings… button to continue

  1. The Microsoft Exchange screen appears:

  1. Click on the Advanced tab to open it:

  1. Click on the Add… button to setup additional mailboxes
  2. In the Add Mailbox field type in the email address of the mailbox you wish to add

  1. If the mailbox is not publically available in the GAL, then you can still add it by typing:
    /o=nexus/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=your_username_here
  2. The name of the account is now added to the mailbox listing of the Advanced tab
  3. Click on the OK button to return to the Server Settings screen
  4. Then click the Next button on the Server Settings screen
  5. Then click the Finish button on the Accounts Setting screen
  6. Finally click the Close button on the Accounts Settings screen
  7. The additional mailbox is now shown in the left-hand panel of Outlook
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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 19 April 2018