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SharePoint Acceptible Use Policy

The use of the Oxford Nexus SharePoint Service s subject to, and implies, acceptance of any applicable regulations, including but not limited to:

The use of the service should be limited to:

  • Sharing documents and collaborating on their development
  • The operations of a University committee
  • The operations of a University research group
  • Operations regarding the internal management of student clubs and other approved University societies
  • The use of a personal My Site
  • Other uses beyond the above scope, but where it is understood that the activities may not be actively supported by University personnel or support documentation and where these activities do not affect the integrity of the service in general or other users’ legitimate use of the service, in particular with regard to excessive consumption of storage quota to the detriment of colleagues in the same site collection

Users of the Oxford Nexus SharePoint Service agree to:

  • Respond to requests from the relevant SharePoint Co-ordinator or Site Collection Administrator regarding the off-line archival or deletion of old or inactive material, with a view to maintaining the storage consumption within the quota of the site collection.

Service area: 

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014