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Using Nexus with Apple Mail (OSX Version 10.6 onwards)

IMPORTANT: We are currently in the process of moving the University’s centrally managed (Nexus) email and calendaring service to the cloud-based, Microsoft Office 365 service (Nexus365). If your account has been migrated you should now use the Nexus365 support pages where you will find help and advice on using the new service.


Mail is the email client preinstalled on every Mac computer as part of Mac OS X. Since Mac OS version 10.6 (also known as Snow Leopard) and right up to Version 10.10.2 (also known as Yosemite), there is now inbuilt support for connecting to Exchange servers. As a result, Mac users are able to use the Oxford Nexus email, shared calendaring and address book facilities from your Mac via the inbuilt applications. So, Mac users who are running OSX newer than 10.6 can use Nexus email via Mail on their Mac.

1. Configuring Mail to connect to Nexus

To configure Mail to connect to Nexus, open the programme, either from the dock or by finding it in the Applications folder. If this is the first time you have opened mail, the Setup Assistant will start automatically.

Otherwise, you can add a new accounts by clicking on the [File/Add Account...] from the Mail menu.



You will then be taken to a screen that is identical to the initial setup assistant. The screen prompts you for your Full Name, Email Address and Password. The Password you need to enter here is your Single Sign-On password.


Once you have entered your details, click Continue.

Your computer will now try to connect to the Nexus server in order to match up the details that you have supplied with a Nexus account and after a moment you should see a message that says 'Trying to log in to the Exchange 2007 server “” failed. Make sure the email address and password you entered are correct, then click Continue.'. Simultaneously, a new User name field will appear indicated by with a white arrow within a red circle. This is because your Nexus username is not the same as your Nexus email address. Your username is your Single Sign-On username (aka the Oxford Username) whilst your Nexus email address will usually be of the form The setup assistant will supply the first part of your email address (in this case sherlock.holmes) as its best guess in the new User name field. You will need to replace the contents of this new User name field with your Single Sign-On username (in this case sherlock, yours will probably be of the form abcd1234):


Once you have entered your username details, click Continue.

Now that you have supplied this information Mail will be able to find all the details it needs from the Nexus AutoDiscovery server and the next screen you should see will be an Account Summary screen that confirms the account details.


(In later versions of OSX you also have the option to synch Reminders and Notes)

When you click Create, the account will be created on your Mac and you are now ready to use your Nexus mailbox with Mail. Inbuilt support for Exchange means that you can use iCal for your Nexus calendar and Address Book for your Nexus contacts.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 19 April 2018