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The Oxford Nexus system (email, calendar, address book) can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection, using Outlook Web App (often abbreviated to 'OWA').

Oxford branded interface for the OWA 'Full' version
Figure 1. Oxford branded interface for the OWA 'Full' version

There are two versions of Outlook Web App: the 'Full' version, and the 'Light' version. The one you see depends on the age and capabilities of the browser you use to access Nexus. All modern browsers should be capable of loading the full-functionality version.

Both versions of OWA allow access to your email, addressbook/contacts and calendar. You can also share your calendar and view calendars which others have shared with you. The Full version offers some additional features, such as right-click menus on items, which take advantage of modern browsers' capabilities.

OWA Light is recommended for users with limited or restricted vision because of the simpler interface. Accessibility features are also available in OWA light.

All users who wish to access their Nexus account via the web are recommended to read the Getting Started With Outlook Web App document. This will give you a introduction to how the system works. A more complete overview of the system is also available below.

General Information

OWA 2010 guide

  • OWA Full Documentation (for current versions of Internet Explorer or Edge,  Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome).

Information for OWA Light users



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