ORDS - the Online Research Database Service

About the ORDS

The ORDS is an online relational database management system that enables researchers at the University of Oxford (and their collaborators) to create databases, and then add, edit, search, and share the data they gather during their research. The ORDS is accessed via a web interface, so researchers can work on their data from any computer with an Internet connection.

For more detailed information about the ORDS, please visit the main ORDS website. You can also watch the ORDS video demo.

The ORDS is now in the process of being wound down. From 1 June 2017, the service will cease to be supported by the University of Oxford. This is primarily as a result of challenges posed by the ongoing maintenance and development of the software.

Support will be provided for users who need to find alternative solutions for data storage and analysis. Please contact the Research Support team to discuss your requirements.

Until the closure date, current users can still access the ORDS via the web interface: http://app.ords.ox.ac.uk/.

ORDS User Documentation

ORDS Quick Reference Guides

If you would like further help with any aspect of the ORDS system, please contact the ORDS help desk by emailing ords@it.ox.ac.uk.

ORDS Training Courses

Until Trinity 2016, regular ORDS training courses were run in conjunction with the IT Learning Programme. The course provided an overview of the service, and gave participants a chance to try it out for themselves. For more details, see the ITLP course listing.

Face-to-face training courses are no longer being scheduled, but it is still possible to download a copy of the training materials from the ORDS website training page.

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