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An interactive show/hide Site Manager template for presenting frequently asked questions, supporting the use of images in the answer field.

Gl Footnote

Site Manager template designed to allow the user to easily add and link to footnotes from within a page.

Gl Further Content

Site Manager template used to continue text after using a different template, e.g. the ‘Gl Page Callout’ template would be followed by further content.

Gl Google Map

The ‘GI Google Map’ Site Manager template uses Google coordinates to insert an interactive map into your webpage.

Gl Google Map Point

This Site Manager template pin points a location on the map, this template also gives the option for popup notes with further information to the pin pointed location.

GL Highlight Box

Site Manager template used to create a highlighted area on the screen.

Gl HTML Slideshow

This page demonstrates the carousel Site Manager Template: Gl HTML Slideshow

Gl Image Gallery

This Site Manager template displays a photo gallery of up to five images. These images are presented as thumbnails and expand to a larger image when clicked.

Gl LinkedIn Follow Button

This Site Manager template is designed to add a LinkedIn ‘Follow’ button to a page, which allows users to easily follow your organisation on LinkedIn.

Gl Main Section Index Box

This Site Manager template allows you to insert text and imagery into index listings for areas of your website. Typical use is for an enhanced visual index to a sub-area of a site, i.e. a main section of the site.