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Scientific Word Installation Instructions

== Scientific Word Version 6 == updated 25/06/17 by Denise McDonough

IT Services no longer hosts Scientific Word.

At the time of this writing it is funded by Social Sciences and available as site-licence to staff and students for educational use.

• The downloads of Scientific Word v5.5 (Windows) and v6.0 (Windows and Mac) are available from

• The installation instructions are available at!v5.5%20Installation.pdf (v5.5) or (v6.0) for users to Register (v5.5) or Activate (v6.0)

• The serial number is 305-E0700-17206-00447-20338, which when they Register/Activate gives a message saying the licence will be sent to you.

posted with permission from Christopher Mabb - 15 Nov. 2016

OLD - IT Services host a licence server for Scientific Word version 6 for installations that are connected to the University network. You will need to be logged in as an administrator to be able to set up the connection.

Once you have installed Scientific Word version 6 on your machine you should create a file called license.lic containing:

SERVER 005056010f79 USE_SERVER

in the Profile folder of your program installation – for example, c:\Users\[Name]\AppData\Roaming\SW\Profiles\cht11msu.default\license.lic (Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support\SW\Profiles\pu0nd1yk.default (Mac)


Scientific Word Version 5.5

If you're unable to add a British English Spelling dictionary when following the IT Services instructions, check that the license file doesn't have a spurious line break in it. The license file is sent to IT Services media-support, then forwarded on to the Local IT Officer (and then maybe to the user), so it may be that somewhere in the chain an email client "breaks" the file by changing the line breaks when the license is forwarded within an email rather than as an attached file.

A "normal" license file (license.lic within the programs folder) should be formatted like the following, with a "\" to indicate that the line continues:


FEATURE SW mackichn 5.5 29-jan-2008 uncounted \
        HOSTID=COMPUTER_ID=3ca2302f TS_OK SIGN="002C 7B41 69E1 8504 \
        A80E DCA8 BA38 FD00 F577 273E 6A0D B9DB 3613 3EFB 4920"
# satellite license for 305-E0300-14130-90793-88878 #

PACKAGE SW mackichn 5.5 COMPONENTS="ScientificWord:5.5:1 \
      SavePrint:5.5:1 GraphicsCopy:5.5:1 English:5.5:1 Typeset:5.5:1 \
      RTFexport:5.5:1 TrueTeX:5.5:1 INSO:5.5:1" SIGN="0057 999B 1840 \
      4A5F 0CBC 07E0 C109 C700 761E D39B BF0A 30D1 833A 0C28 C7AA"

FEATURE British_English mackichn 5.5 29-jan-2008 uncounted \
      HOSTID=COMPUTER_ID=3ca2302f TS_OK SIGN="0041 4620 9CE5 2C5E \
      AB80 1C22 4912 3700 0108 1F9F 2D0D 0A93 E677 AB8D 9A5D"

If you are still stuck, are very quick to respond and keen to actually resolve your issue (rather than just prematurely wipe it from their support queue at the first possible moment).




Written by IT Services. Latest revision 30 November 2017