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We do not purchase mobile telephone equipment but the University has a favourable contract with OGC (Office of Government Commerce) using the O2 and Vodafone networks. Both Vodafone and O2 also supply popular enterprise smartphones such as the iPhone and the Blackberry.

1. Vodaphone & O2 information

Whilst all the mobile networks are recommended, we currently have more specific pricing and descriptive information for the O2 and Vodaphone mobile networks. Please note all prices are subject to change.

Please view the Mobile Phone section on the Purchasing website for more information.


2. What is the process of ordering a mobile phone?

To be able to purchase a mobile as a work device, you must be able to raise a purchase order, or ask a colleague who has the authorisation to raise purchase orders, to issue one on your behalf. Typically, administrators, finance personnel and managers will have this authorisation. Please contact the Purchasing Department for more information.

Popular smartphones such as the iPhone or Blackberry phones can also be purchased using the above method. If you plan to use a BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) and you already have a Blackberry phone available, you might be interested in purchasing only a CAL (Client Access License.) Please speak to the administrator of your BES for further information.

Important points to consider when purchasing a mobile phone

  • Before pursuing a mobile phone order as a workplace expense, please consider that each college and department will have their own policy regarding the purchase of mobile phones. Please check with your finance personnel for further information
  • You may need to ensure that mobile phone purchases are an allowable expense on the budget that you intend to use
  • If you intend to use the O2 open code scheme, keep in mind that you will need to check in-store regarding the terms and conditions of their discounts as these change over time and differ between stores. Once issued, the open codes might be available for use for only a limited period of time (i.e. 14 days)

3. How can I use my mobile to see my University email or use the data network?

For further information regarding using your smartphone with the University email system or data network, please visit the following links:

4. Information on mobile boosters, repeaters and enhancers

This type of equipment is covered under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (WT Act 2006) and the University follows Ofcom policy and law.

The following is an extract from an Ofcom web page but explains in very simple terms the permitted use of this type of equipment:

Cellular enhancers / boosters / repeaters

In the UK the use of any radio transmitting device is required to be either licensed or specifically exempted from licensing under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (WT Act 2006). For mobile telephones, the use of the spectrum by the network operators is licensed to cover the use of transmitters and repeaters, while user devices (i.e. handsets) are covered by a general exemption.

Repeater devices transmit or re-transmit in the cellular frequency bands.

Only the mobile network operators are licensed to use equipment that transmits in these bands. Installation or use of repeater devices by anyone without a licence is a criminal offence under Section 8 of the WT Act 2006. Any person found guilty of installing or using such devices without a licence would be liable on conviction to a fine of up to £5000 and/or up to 51 weeks imprisonment (Six months in Scotland and Northern Ireland) Anyone wishing to improve coverage in a particular area is advised to contact their network provider.

This is very clear and unambiguous. It is illegal to use such equipment unless obtained from a licensed UK mobile network operator. Please note that many websites do sell booster or repeater equipment and it is CE kite marked. This makes it legal to sell within the European Economic Community but if you can find the small print it says that it is up to the purchaser to ensure the equipment complies with local licensing and legislation.

The following links are to equipment that is both available for use in the UK and also legal. These can be used on the university network and are designed to provide a boosted mobile signal at point of use. They normally require the user to be registered and to register mobile handsets to the device via some form of web admin tool.

Vodafone Sure Signal

There have been mixed reports on this device as to how good it is:

O2 appear to have some form of offering but not much real information available. They did trial a broadband device like the Voda box but it seemed to unreliable. They are testing a service to use wi-fi for calls under a pilot name of VoIP Tech. More information when we have it.

OUTN cannot endorse the quality or how successfully these products will work for you but they are legal to use within the UK. If in doubt about any product contact the equipment provider and ask them if it is legal to use within the UK.


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