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1. Call Charges

The Telecommunications Section initially pays for all call charges raised on outgoing lines. The University's Call Logger lists details of all call charges for calls made out of network, and these details are used to invoice users and to provide them with adequate information concerning the cost and nature of those calls. We use two main carriers who are:

  • BT for all operator services and as back-up should the other carrier's lines fail

Our call charges are based on tariffs negotiated with Virgin Media by the consortium of University Purchasing Officers. They include a small margin to fund contingency reserves and network improvements. The charges were revised on 1st July 2009.

2. Moves And Changes

  • Install new line (including new socket) £205
  • Connect new line to existing socket £130
  • Install new socket for existing extension number £75
  • Move line to a different socket £15
  • Large installations (e.g. 6+ lines) Email us

4. Facility Changes

Voicemail boxes, changes to service levels (barring etc.) and changes of extension numbers are all free of charge.

5. Maintenance

Replacement of faulty telephone instruments, repair of faulty lines and all other running expenses of the network are included within the standard annual charge per extension. For 2012/13 this is £44.00 for a standard business line and £24.00 for a student line.

All these prices exclude delivery (£6.70 where appropriate) and VAT.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 7 December 2017