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The Voicemail system

If you are unavailable, or busy and cannot receive all of your calls, then voicemail is the quickest way for people to leave messages. Also, with a variety of message notification options available (email alerts, text messages and telephone notification), you can keep up-to-date with any important calls and messages. Please see below for information and instructions to help get you on your way. If you have any additional questions then please call Telecommunications on (6)14999 or email us.

Strong voicemail Pins

Since voicemail can be accessed remotely, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to keep voicemail secure and private, and with this in mind Telecoms have instituted a stronger security setting for retrieving voicemail messages.  

  • All voicemail boxes will require a PIN for a user to retrieve messages or make any changes to their voicemail settings.
  • All PINs will be as strong as we can easily enforce without causing too much disruption. A PIN is six numeric characters but we will have a simple validation technique to attempt to block users from setting what we would deem as a weak PIN. E.g. all one single digit like 444444 or consecutive digits forward or backwards like 123456, 3456789, 098765 or including the mailbox number itself will not be allowed like 288661 (extn 88661) or 273205 (extn 73205) or 886612 or 732051

You will still be able to access your voicemail box in the normal way but if you either do not have a PIN or it is deemed to be insufficiently secure, then the system will ask you to create/change to a stronger PIN. If you do have a strong PIN, you will not be affected. Please contact the Telecoms Helpdesk (email or 14999) for assistance.

How to change your PIN

1. Call 00 from your phone.

2. Dial 3 to access the personalization menu.

3. From the Personalization menu, dial 2 to access the PIN code menu.

If you know your pin, go to and change your pin using the Pin Management menu.

What to do if you do not remember your pin

If you have set a pin at some point but do not remember it, you must contact the Telecoms Helpdesk (email or 14999) and ask for a temporary pin.

Accessing voicemail with your Single Sign On (SSO)

You can use to access your voicemail using your SSO username and password. This will only work if your SSO username is included in the directory. Please contact your telephone administrator if this is not the case.



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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 31 October 2017