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A strategic review of the collegiate University’s telecommunications was initiated in 2011 and this led to the establishment of the Integrated Communications Project (ICP).

The new University communications system is called 'Chorus'. Chorus replaces all of the existing telephony systems: this includes both traditional copper phone lines and Cisco VoIP phones, although the phone hardware on your desk may not necessarily change.

For more information on Chorus, please visit the Chorus project web pages.

Existing VoIP

Although the new Chorus system will be arriving soon, it is still necessary to carry out moves, adds and changes on the existing VoIP system.

To report a fault, please use the fault reporting form.

Analogue telephone extension users can upgrade to VoIP at a cost of £70 plus the cost of the handset, or new lines and numbers can be purchased at a cost of £200 plus the cost of the handset.

VoIP Phones

Below is a list of VoIP handsets that we currently offer. Please note the prices are subject to change.  These phones work on the existing VoIP system with basic functionality and will also work on Chorus with full functionality.

All phones include:
The ability to make and receive calls
Speaker phone plus headset jack
Gigabit LAN switch to allow daisychaining a PC
Call log, phonebook
Voicemail and active line indicator


Unify 35G

Unify 35G Quick Reference 2 line character display

10 Fixed feature keys: Messages, Settings, Speaker, Mute, Hold, Headset, Transfer, Conference, Volume up and down

3 lines supported

Phone adjustable in 4 different angle positions  

Wall mountable without additional kit  

Not suitable for call centre users


Unify 55G

Unify 55G Quick Reference

5x7 inch colour display

14 fixed function keys (e.g. Hold, Conf, Transfer, Mute)

8 programmable buttons

8 lines supported (up to 30 lines supported with key-modules)

Phone adjustable in 4 different angle positions

 Wall mount kit available

Soft keys for easy navigation

Videophone with external USB webcam (not included)

Extra key module available


Unify 60G


Use the 55G Quick reference - the functionality is the same.

5x7 tiltable colour display

6 fixed  keys

Touch navigation and volume

8 programmable keys

8 lines supported (up to 30 lines supported with key-modules)

Videophone with external USB webcam (not included)

Bluetooth for connection to headset or hearing aid

Extra key module available



Ask for pricing


Conference Phones

The Polycom IP6000 can be used now with a current VoIP connection and the Telecoms Conferencing service and will also work when migrated to Chorus.  It costs about £600.  If you don't wish to purchase, suitable conference phones can be hired from Telecoms at a daily rate of £6 for departments and £5 for colleges.

DECT Phones

DECT phones are already in use in many areas of the University.  These phones can be connected to a DECT convertor, which will allow these phones to work as SIP devices.  You will need a Gigaset N510 IP Pro, which costs about £70.  Any handset which uses the DECT standard can be connected, but if you require further handsets then we recommend Gigaset handsets, in particular the S510H or the R630 Pro (a rugged phone).


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 15 February 2016