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ARC Services

At the centre of the ARC service is a range of high performance computers: Arcus-HTC and Arcus-B.  Arcus-B is the system designed for multi-node parallel computation, Arcus-HTC is designed for high-thoughput lower core count jobs. Arcus-HTC also has nodes with GPU cards installed for GPGPU computing. Users get access to both Arcus-HTC and Arcus-B automatically as part of the process of obtaining an account with ARC, and can use either or both.

The table below provides a number of details, including the host name required to connect to each system.

OCF/Lenovo Haswell

Host name:

5792 (362*16) Intel E5-2640v3 (Haswell) cores
64GiB (246 nodes), 128GiB (92 nodes), 256GiB (9 nodes) of RAM

CentOS Linux version 6

SLURM job scheduling

Optimised for large parallel jobs spanning multiple nodes. Low latency interconnect.

Minimum job size 16 cores (1 node).

Dell Sandybridge

Host name:

1728 (108*16) 2.0GHz Xeon SandyBridge/Ivybridge cores
64GiB (80 nodes), 128GiB (4 nodes) RAM

Click HERE for a full list of available GPU resources.

20TB scratch disk

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

SLURM job scheduling

Optimised for single core jobs, and SMP jobs up to one node in size. Also caters for jobs requiring resources other than CPU.

Minimum job size 1 core.

Service area: 

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 30 January 2020